Happy things!


Because I am so jazzed regarding the switch to the PF Chang Rock & Roll Half Marathon in January, I am feeling that surge of gratitude again. I love feeling that all things even out in the universe, if you give it the right attention. What I mean by that is, if you send out hope, faith and positive energy, you’re way more likely to receive it back. Even though things with the marathon felt bleak, I was still really hopeful for good news, no matter what. And I got it! So, that rocks. Me happy. Me smile lots.

I’m taking control of my financial budget, too. After running everything down to the bare minimum following this NJ trip, I am seeking active ways to fix my debt issues. It sucks that my credit card limits are so low, really, considering 1) I have never missed a payment, nor have I paid late and 2) I always pay more than the minimum due, even if it’s only $10 more. I am a good customer. But the economic downturn meant that credit line reductions became common for almost everyone, I guess. Either way, I have all but maxed out my two credit cards, and I feel so ashamed of that. I’ve never even been close to doing that until now. (How did they get maxed out? Well, one card was opened just so I could do the landscaping in the backyard, and that one only had a $4K limit to begin with, with landscaping costs topping out around $2800; also, it’s the only Visa card I have, and since it’s accepted in more places–like doctor’s offices– I need to use that one to pay for excessive numbers of copays, and running expenses, like good sneakers, insoles, socks, clothing, heart monitors, etc.) The other card is American Express and has been steadily climbing because I use it for travel expenses and gifts, as well as other home-related purchases. I admit I’ve used it for clothes at Old Navy and Gap Outlet, too, but it’s not like I buy tons of clothes. $40 here, $25 there… but it does add up, over time. It sucks. But it’s reality.

ANYWAY. The feeling of taking control of things and making real changes to the way I do this is a lovely feeling, really. I like the brainstorming I find myself doing right now– I have ideas to make money on the side, or even take on a small second job if need be, just to get things paid off and settled– because it’s making me creative in a new way. It’ll work out. I’m not going to be beat by stupid debt and bills! Hey, I came out of all debt once before, in 2006, when I paid off everything, so I can do it again. (Granted, in 2006, I made a nice profit on the sale of my condo, but still. Things come up to pave the way for financial recovery, so you never know.)

I’m going to submit my short stories to a few magazines. Some pay anywhere from $50 to $500 per story! I always say I am gonna do this one, and I never do for some reason. Well, this weekend will be a great time to begin sending stuff out. I have nothing to lose.

I’m happy for Kristen’s husband, who is currently wrapping up his first week of a European tour for his metal band, A Pale Horse Named Death. They are doing so well! He is probably going to have a paid contract at the end of this tour because it’s been very successful. They played to over 30,ooo fans the other day in Zurich! It’s amazing he really may be a bona fide rock star very soon. But you know what? He is intelligent, a very hard worker, and very talented– he deserves this. And you know what else is great? He is 41 years old.

So anyone who thinks only the young can achieve their dreams is crazy. He’s so inspiring me to…you guessed it… FINISH WRITING MY DAMN BOOK! If he can reach a goal like that, in such a fickle industry, well then…so can I! I’m surrounded by some successful people right now. It’s really neat. And helpful. 🙂

I’m happy that I might go see Rise of the Planet of the Apes this weekend sometime, if I can. I have a free movie pass to use soon, and I really, really, really want to see that movie! It’s the one movie I’ve been most excited about this summer. And not just because of Franco. No, I just love the Planet of the Apes story. Very much. It gets me all charged up to write, everytime I watch it. (The original movie! Not the Mark Wahlberg one, for God’s sake!)

Hey, I just realized I seem to have a thing for ape-men: I am reading “The Return of Tarzan” right now. And I like it so far. I was sitting in McDonald’s today reading it, happy as a bug in a rug. (Are bugs somehow more content when they are inside a carpet? Really? How do we know?) It would be cool if I read a Tarzan book every summer. I read the first one–which I highly recommend, by the way!– last year.

OK, time to go home for the weekend. No one else is really here in the office. I am writing this since I am finished with my work and have nothing else to do. So yes, I should stop being a weirdo and get out of here like everyone else!


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  1. I like the submitting short stories idea! I’m happy you’re doing that! It’s a great step for you!

    Not that it’s a good idea, but you know that Old Navy, Gap and Banana Republic all merged their store credit cards into one that you can use at all three (plus that one other store that I always forget the name of… Athleta). I actually just got a “bill” from my Old Navy, et al card. I haven’t used it in a year or two, so there’s no balance on it but apparently I “earned” a $5 coupon and they had to send me a whole dang statement in order to send it to me. Turns out they’ve reduced my available credit to $126 (because I haven’t used it). Not that I care, but it’s a pretty dumb, pithy amount.

  2. I used to have one of those Old Navy/GAP, etc, cards several years ago. I recall the limit was pretty low (again, something like $350) and the interest SUPER HIGH. I closed it out and destroyed the evidence. Right now, the bane of my credit card existence is also the oldest card I have…the one I have had since senior year of high school (which I never even used–I recall buying a bra, paying off the balance in full of course, and forgetting I had the card until I was married to X), and now holds the balance for my washer, dryer and fridge…the Sears card. UGH, I hate that card so much!! I am only paying it off and the amount never seems to drop thanks to insane interest rates. (I didn’t pay off the balance in the 6 months of zero % interest rate, and it’s just piled up. The worst part is the fridge is actually a piece of shit! Never buy from the Sears “ding and dent” appliance outlet.

    I hate credit cards! I used to have excellent credit, too, but now with these two balances up so high near the limits, I know it’s going to ding me. Sigh.

  3. I can’t even tell you the issues we are having with our credit card or I may start to cry. Our money issues suck right now so I can relate.

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