I can’t sit still


I’m so psyched about my trip tomorrow! It’s going to be awesome. I don’t know how many people will actually turn up at the get-together, but that’s cool. Too many would be stressful, anyway. I also hope that I figure out how to get around back there again. I gotta say, I’m thinking about going to Best Buy and getting a GPS, finally. I know they aren’t too expensive, and I don’t have a balance on my Best Buy card (and most purchases on there are 0% APR if you pay ’em off quickly). It would be a big help in getting around. It’s so weird to me that I get lost now when I go back to NJ. Not always. I remember things, and know intrinsically how to get to certain places, even if the landmarks have changed and stuff. But there are new places to get to that I’m not familiar with, so GPS would be good.

Do you have to pay a monthly fee for GPS? Or is it just a one-time thing when you buy the unit itself? I’m so behind the times with a lot of technology-stuff.

I did an awesome bike ride this morning. I was out there for 80 minutes, and went farther than ever. I wish that the bike computer I bought was complete inside the package, so I could hook it up and find out how many miles I’m going! (I bought a Schwinn bike computer for $20 at Walmart about a month ago, but when I opened the package, it was missing a bracket and one of the wires. I searched everywhere for my receipt, but it’s long gone. I think I accidentally tore it up and threw it out, so I can’t return it. Plus, yeah, it’s OPENED. I’m not sure what to do about it. I have to go on the Schwinn website and figure that out one of these days. Maybe they’ll send me the parts I need? I mean, why would I lie about them not being in the package? It’s not like I can sell the bracket and one wire for a profit or something. Sheesh.)

There are so many things I want to do when I am back in NJ, and I am already worried I won’t get to do a lot of them because of the limited time I have. It sucks. I have to say no to a few people who have asked me if I want to hang out with them while I’m there (these are people who can’t make the Friday get-together), because I just can’t figure out when to do it. I have things planned for Friday all day, Saturday day and night, Sunday and most of Monday, and then I leave on Tuesday afternoon. I plan to have Tuesday morning to myself. I want to go down to my favorite woods early in the morning and do a workout, then take myself to breakfast, and drive around thinking and daydreaming for a few hours and pick up some things I need to buy to bring back to NJ. (Primarily J&M Bakery butter cookies! They are the most wonderful cookies in the entire world, and I always bring some home for myself, my sister and my mom.) I’ll probably grab lunch with my Dad, and then he’ll take me up to the airport. I need to be there by 1:30pm. It’ll be so sad to leave. It always is. At least he is planning to come visit me & T in AZ in October sometime, so that helps.

I want to do some silly things, if I can. Like go canoeing or horseback riding. It’s been years and years since I have done those things, and they’re such summer-things for NJ. Kristen and I are trying to work out the logistics to do this, and so far canoeing is the most likely to happen. I also really want to take her and her son to a park, like a historic village or something, and just hang out and laugh and take pictures. I could go on and on, but it’s just going to make me keyed up and anxious when I really need to chill out and focus on what has to get done before I leave.

The good news is that there isn’t too much left to do. I’m caught up at work. I have taken care of 90% of my to-do list, outside of work. I still need to clean the house tonight, pack and get to bed early, of course, but that’s expected. I had thought I’d have time to get a haircut before I go, but I don’t think it’ll happen… it’s OK. I also thought I could make homemade cookies to bring with me on the plane (and to leave for my Mom, who will be housesitting), but that didn’t happen either. Blame SharkWeek! I ended up watching way too much of that last night when I could have been baking. Oh, well. It was a kind of silly idea anyway, and definitely not important.

I’m already getting my pangs of sadness about not being able to see Hurley for several days, even though I haven’t left yet! This always happens. I hate leaving that dog so damn much. At least I know he’ll be totally happy and fine without me… he loves my Mom, and he gets to stay home with his cats and probably get spoiled like crazy. I don’t know what it is; I just feel more complete with him nearby and definitely miss his presence when I’m away from him for any length of time. 

I am anxious to leave Gremlin, though. Holy crap, that cat is driving me crazy! I talked it out with my sister last night and she assured me that this is a totally normal stage of development for kittens. He’s between 9 and 10 months right now, and he is just getting into everything. Yesterday he managed to open the door to the pantry and knock a good amount of stuff down on the floor, including a bag of Pupperoni that I later discovered in the living room, chewed apart and empty. (No wonder Hurley was subdued when I got home yesterday… HE KNEW WHAT HE’D DONE.) He continues to knock books off of shelves, and apparently tried to tear down my shower curtain liner (it’s full of holes, now). He learned the trick of playing with Hurley’s food from Simon, yay. So this means I have dry dog food pieces all over the house, literally. I have found them in every room. Why his food is such an irresistable toy is beyond me. All I know is those cats looooove to bat it around to the point of insanity. I always take it away if I catch them doing it, but MAN. They’re persistant. And it means I need to vacuum twice as often.  

Where is that very affectionate and sweet cat I brought home from the shelter? In his place is an actual Gremlin that doesn’t stop running around (and up on furniture and countertops), gets into things and bites and scratches at me when I try to love on him. He’s not cuddling with me on my bed anymore, which is so sad. Why can’t I ever get any of my pets to sleep up on the bed with me?! I know so many people who have the opposite problem… but I actually want one of them up there, and I can’t make it happen.

Anyway, T tells me he will grow out of this terror-phase sometime, but it could take a year or more. And I do know that Simon wasn’t always the most affectionate kitten, but as he gets older, he is getting a lot better about that, so it does bode well for Gremlin, I think. After all, he was affectionate for a couple of weeks there. All is not lost; all can not be lost. He’ll come around and be a good cat soon. I just need to be patient.

This morning, as I swept up dry food all over the kitchen, cleaned litterboxes so dirty they seemed HAUNTED, and pulled Simon-hair-clumps out of Gremlin’s mouth this morning, I found myself thinking: “Dogs are SO MUCH EASIER than cats!” Because honestly, if you get yourself a great dog, they really are a lot less trouble.

I guess the bottom line is that Hurley and Simon are unnaturally well-behaved pets. I didn’t deal with a lot of this stuff before Gremlin, that’s for sure… my two boys didn’t prepare me for the crazy shit a “real cat” throws at a person! (Simon is more like a dog than a cat, in all honesty.)

Well, time to go to lunch and then finish up this last afternoon at work before I leave! Hope you’re having a good day, too. 🙂


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  1. Oh, yeah. That’s the “fun” age. I do not miss that age at all. Cats really don’t settle down and become the “sleep all day” type til at least age two. Macie and I almost didn’t make it that long. I’d come home from work every day and my evenings would be spent cleaning up her messes and yelling at her. I don’t believe in declawing cats, but with her I almost broke down and did it. I’ve never seen a cat systematically take apart rugs one 1-inch bit at a time before like she did! She was teasing off this piece that just got longer and longer every day, winding its way around the perimeter of the ever-shrinking rugs. Like pulling a string that unwinds a whole sweater. Even if I cut it off, she’d just do it again. Spike and Tess were no easier, but Macie made even THEIR antics look bad- and they used to wrestle and body-slam each other in the bathroom of our upstairs apartment. With them every day I arrived home only for the apartment manager (who lived below me) to blink in surprise, and say “I thought you were home already. What are you doing up there- lifting weights and dropping them on the floor?” It was insane. Neither of our cars would be there, and she’d think we were actually home, making all of that racket ourselves.

    Those cats could have gotten us evicted, I’m sure, if twe hadn’t been the only tenants who paid on time and if the manager hadn’t had numerous instances of making excess noise herself.

  2. Oh Jen, the wrestling and body slams are so loud in my house right now, too! I’m glad they are playing and enjoying one another so much, but why do they insist on doing it up against all the wooden doors in the house? Or the furniture that can slide on the non-carpeted floors?

    I have to laugh and evil laugh, though, because lately Simon’s been *really* laying into Gremlin. Pinning him down, biting and kicking him until I hear Gremlin cry out. I’m like, “Yeah, Simon! Go! Show him who’s boss!” Not that Gremlin’s losing these wrestling matches, though. He’s just as brutal with the body-slams and ambushes; there’s a reason the house is suddenly covered in orange hair-clumps.
    The other day, Grem tried to take one of Hurley’s rawhides, and Hurley moved so fast to “SNARF!” in his face and back him away from his precious bone. Grem had such a look of “What? I wasn’t gonna do anything, I was just lookin’ at it!” on his face it was awesome. I love when that cat gets shown the business. Ahhhh.
    It’ll be interesting to see how things go while I am away and my Mom is in charge. I sure hope they don’t drive her away! 😉

  3. LOL! Go, Hurley!

    I still can’t believe mine used to like to PLAY in the bathtub. They hate to go near it now, ever since The Great Ringworm Infestation of 2002, when they all had to be bathed with medicated shampoo on a weekly basis. They do still like to pop their heads in when a person is in the shower, though.

    Oh, and I mean to say that your title has the “Hippy Hippy Shake” stuck in my head now.

  4. This — “cleaned litterboxes so dirty they seemed HAUNTED” — is hilarious. I cannot possibly be feeding mine that much, and yet… It’s a wonder they have time to do anything else, as much time as they must spend in there.

  5. Are all of our cats on a huge pooping spree lately? Because two girl cats should not be pooping as much as mine are.

    I remember that insane-I’m-going-to-get-into-everything stage. Occassionally mine still have spurts of it but for the most part they do outgrow it. Be thankful Simon hasn’t backtracked and picked up on some of Gremlin’s antics. Becuase two cats in that stage is insanity. I speak from experience. And six, count them, six chewed shower curtains and tablecloths over 2 years.

    I do believe Wal-Mart will exchange something sans receipt even if it is opened. Especially since it is missing something. Never hurts to try, right?

    Have fun on your vacation!!

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