Cat snot!


It is everywhere!

First, Gremlin was sick. And he still is. I gave up on the liquid meds and today we are going to the vet for a shot of antibiotics, thank sweet baby Jesus. He’s doing pretty good overall, though; he still follows me around and wants to cuddle somewhat, and he’s being nosy as ever as he watches me do stuff for the first time: last night was the first time he saw me scrub out my shower, and he was in my way the WHOLE TIME. Which wasn’t annoying at all. Oh, no. Not at all.

But the little guy is sneezing, and when he does, yellow/green mucus getting sprayed on things. Like my shirt, his food dish, the floor, my hair (he sat on the back of my chair in the living room and sneezed on the back of my head the other night), the table, my laptop, papers for work, the mirror in the bathroom, my bed…

Everything, really. It’s been traumatic for me, dealing with all this snot.

And then about three days ago, the inevitable happened, and Simon started to sneeze. He seems to be handling the illness worse than Gremlin, because he is very moody and hides a lot, and is eating a lot less. (Grem, on the other hand, is still pigging out and has not slowed down at all since he came home. And the evidence is all over the catbox, too. It looks like I have 4 cats or something, based on the sheer quantity.)

I had this great idea: Since I know it’s an upper respiratory infection, and the vet gave me that liquid medicine for Gremlin and I can’t give it to him, well, then, I can give it to Simon. After all, the couple of times I’ve had to shoot medicine into his mouth in the past were successful.

I began giving him the medicine on Monday night. It went perfect. He didn’t struggle, and I got the entire syringe-full into his throat. The next morning, same thing. I have to do this every 12 hours, and for three days I was able to do it.

Today, however, was different. He got Mad As Hell, and Wasn’t Going To Take It, Anymore.

He growled and hissed at me, and when I gently tried to pin him down under my torso and pry his mouth open, he made a sound like a SCREAM and the claws and teeth came out. I dodged anything major, thankfully… then he ran down the hall and I chased him. I couldn’t catch him, and he was growling the whole time. He jumped up onto the cabinet in the living room where I really can’t reach him, and I had no choice but to abort the mission.

What happened to my sweet, agreeable darling? Who is this angry bobcat?

No matter. I’ll keep on trying to give him the meds, anyway… I’m going to try the “immobilize him in a towel” method…and if I can’t, then I’ll get his ass to the vet, too, for a shot. I’m not going to screw around with this crap forever.

But I did see Simon’s first big snot-rocket last night, as I watched So You Think You Can Dance. He sneezed all over the front window. He really let that shit fly, too. It almost sounded like a wad of mud had been THWAPPED up on the glass.

The bottom line:

I have two sick cats, both spraying snot everywhere. All I can say is, you might not wanna come over for dinner anytime soon. My place isn’t quite right at the moment. Give me a few more days and we’ll see how things pan out!


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