Laughing really hard out loud!


I need to save this to my blog, and share it everywhere because I’m pretty sure this is one of the all-time funniest Married to the Sea comics ever! And that is saying a lot, because I absolutely adore that site. This is just killing me right now; I have tears in my eyes from laughing.

Mr. Shit n’ Spray:

OK, that is all.


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  1. I think I may be missing something because I don’t get it…but I am really tired.

  2. I can’t explain it! It’s just so stupid and weird… it’s a fire truck mixed with a seagull, and it will fly around and put out fires and shit all over the place (and take your sandwich)! I know, what I just typed doesn’t help explain it. Maybe it’s just funny as hell to me and the people who made it! 🙂 Wouldn’t be the first time I was the only person laughing at something like this… and it won’t be the last.

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