Chips fall where they may


In the news:

* Tonight is a TNT fundraising event at Sweet Tomatoes in Gilbert. Everyone who brings in a flyer with my name on it has 15% of their total bill added to my fundraising account. It won’t amount to much, I’m sure, but it’s still something. As of today, I am at $350. I’ve raised 10% of my goal amount. (My general contractor donated $50 by check, which was really cool!) I’m sad about the lack of interest, in general. It doesn’t make me very excited to go full-out public about my marathon-thing here at work, although I really do need to do that. I just know I’m gonna be disappointed as everyone ignores it, like they do everything else we put up on the bulletin board. This company’s not all that into charities or general philanthropy… I get an “every woman for herself” vibe from many of the employees. I’ve suggested some philanthropic things we can do, as a company or even as a department, and it’s always brushed over or downplayed. So far, none of my ideas have come to light, except a small victory when I got a link to the Red Cross put on our company homepage when the Japan disaster occurred. I can’t be one of the only people here who gives a shit about the world around me. I KNOW I am not. But still, sometimes, like right now, my faith in other people falls pretty low. It’s so very easy to keep your head down and keep focused on the things right in front of us, our own little bubble. It’s a challenge to try to add good things to a world that desperately needs all the good it can get. But man, it’s rewarding when you do it. Oh, well. People will be people.

* I will write a proper post about GREMLIN very, very soon! I need to include  photos, which means I need to take some. (I have to clear the memory on my camera, since I never seem to delete anything, ever, and now it’s full.) Gremlin is my new cat and he is pretty damn awesome. Holy crap. Another good one! I’m excited to share more about him, and what he is like and why I think Hurley and Simon like him so much, too.

* My phone is a piece of shit. Or the brand-new battery. Either way, I have got to make time to get to T-Mobile ASAP and get this thing taken care of! I hate going to the cell phone stores so much. No, I don’t want a Blackberry or a Smart Phone. No, I don’t want to upgrade my plan. I just want the phone currently in my hand to WORK. The end. Blah. Stupid technology, being all new and sensitive all the time and shit.

* I was lazy this morning and skipped my workout. And then I didn’t remember about the Sweet Tomatoes event tonight until it was too late… I don’t think I’ll have a lot of time to fit in a decent workout tonight after I get home, after all. DAMN. I don’t want to be missing days, at all. Since I’m already ‘scheduled’ to do a workout tomorrow and another on Saturday, I don’t have a day where I can make up the missed workout and have it count, you know? (Sometimes, if I have a rest day slated somewhere, I just work out on that day instead. My mission is to ALWAYS get the workouts in, somehow. This will be the first time there is no rest day to fall back on. I really wanted to do 4 days in a row. Again… oh, well. This is how life goes sometimes. It’s OK. I mean, I’m still kicking my ass with this stuff.

Although…I do worry I am not progressing, again. I need to be working out longer and going further distances. Yet a lot of times, I only get in 40 minutes when I want to do 50 or 60, because I ate my morning banana too late, or I got caught up messing around with something in my house (the sprinklers, the dishes, laundry) and lose track of time. This is where I have to get even tougher on myself and be disciplined. I need to be making the time, and making the workouts progressively harder. Not be a slacker and mismanage my time.

Things I really need to do:

* Tan my legs! For God’s sake, they are looking sickly now. Especially since my top half is getting quite tan from being outside so much… but I wear longer pants and my poor legs are sheltered from the world. Have to make an effort to brown these things up.

* Get a haircut. Maybe get some bangs again, finally. I’ve been holding off, thinking I will use them as a reward for losing weight. Weird, right? But I do love how I look with bangs and I feel a little more like I have some style to my shapeless, nothing-hair.

* Repair the bird feeder. It fell apart.

* Finish the coffee table and end table, FINALLY. They’re just sitting there, begging for that glossy spray paint. I’m gonna do it in the garage. With the door open, yes.

* Get Hurley to the groomer. That boy’s a tangled, hair-heavy mess. Poor thing.

* Get Gremlin back to the Humane Society, so they can re-implant the microchip I paid for on Saturday. I guess it fell out when they gave it to him. They found it on the floor. I didn’t know the chips could just fall out like that. I guess this chip just fell where it might. Get it? Huh. Learn something new everyday.

* Speaking of something new, today’s word is OLIGOPOLY. I’m using it a bunch of times in a riveting and not-at-all-boring article right now. Yippee!


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  1. That’s weird about the microchip, and that they actually found it. I hope they scan him when you take him in.

  2. Yeah, even at the vet the other day, they commented on how unusual that is. But since I did pay for it, I definitely need to go back and have them try again! 🙂

  3. I need to tan my legs and get my hair cut as well. It’s too long and the time has come for a huge chop. Another drastic cut awaits!

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