The harrowing stresses of modern life…siiiigh…!


Even though life is pretty good, there are still a few stressors going on:

1) My fundraising efforts have stalled. I’m trying to find out where the letters I put together to send to people and some businesses I’ve worked with this year ended up. The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society pays the postage for your first 100 letters, as long as you get them ready to go and delivered to their offices. Well, we got an email from the team captain who told us to bring our letters to the 6/11 practice. I did this, even though I didn’t stay at that practice because of the ligament sprain/sciatic issues. I handed them to the lead coach, and was pretty sure they’d get where they needed to go. However, as of yesterday, no one seems to have received any letters from me. I don’t know if they got sent out! I have an email in to the fundraising coordinator to find out what’s going on. I hope they didn’t lose my letters or something, because I personalized each letter and hand-wrote the address on each envelope. It took me awhile, and I’d hate to have to do it all over again. Boo.

2) My Mom has decided to collect social security at age 62. If she’d wait until she’s 65, she could get more money, but that’s not what she wants to do. Now, she needs to find a part-time job to supplement that income so she can pay all of her bills each month. I’ve been doing what I can to help find some jobs she can apply for online, told her about the job fair two weeks ago, and I have even applied for her on several occassions. Now, she needs to step up to the plate and do this stuff herself, seriously. But she doesn’t seem motivated. I’m not trying to bash my Mom here or anything, of course. I’m just concerned and I’m not sure how to approach this. I don’t want to come off as “mean” or anything, but how do my sister and I get her to do what has to be done? It’s a tough one.

3) I want to also help my sister find a new job, since hers is slowly killing her from the stress. She hasn’t had any luck with all the resumes she’s sending out, for some reason. I think it’s just the most flooded job market in recent history, and that’s the main problem. But still, it’s not helping that a job she *thought* she had because the woman at this other place was stringing her along, turned out to be a bust and they didn’t hire her, in the end. I think it’s damn shitty to keep on telling someone “we’re just trying to work out the timing on when you can start” and then suddenly stop returning emails and phone calls… and then just go with someone else. I’m pissed. Something has got to turn around for T soon. I mean, she has totally paid her dues and NEEDS to get out of the toxic environment she’s stuck working in now. (She had tried to quit back in February or something and gave her written notice and everything, but her boss convinced her to give them a second chance. Things were better for a little while, but, as predicted, it’s now back to shit again.)

4) Money is tight again. And it will remain this way until the summer is over. My electric bill’s back with a vengeance. No surprise there; it happens every summer. But still. It always sucks. And don’t tell me I need to budget my utilities spend and balance it throughout the year… because I won’t do it. I’ve tried and failed. Life doesn’t always let you do the reasonable thing. There is always someplace that requires piles of money, throughout the year, that you didn’t expect. Plumbing issues; medical bills and new, larger co-pays; animals get sick; windshields need to be replaced. It doesn’t end. I’m just venting about this. I know I will make it through. It’s just a little damper on my hap-hap-happy outlook on life, is all. 😉

5) Pain! Still! Still having pain in my sciatic nerve! At the chiropractor yesterday, my back was in bad shape again. Not sure why; I haven’t done anything bad. Just bike riding in the morning and stuff. It took about 8 adjustments to get things aligned again. He warned me that for today and tomorrow, I will probably be sorer than usual and that I need to ice my back a lot. Yay. I also restocked my Aleve supply, which had been depleted. (Aleve–well, the generic store brand version of it, naproxen sodium– is the best thing for my issues.) If you need me, I’ll be the one holding the big, blue icepack to my butt-region and downing pills like Judy Garland. Yay!

6) I’ve got crabs.

7) Just joking. I wanted to see if you were still reading this tedious list. (I mean, where am I gonna get crabs? Did you read my last post about not gettin’ any? Shyeah.)

8) The Saturday training workout starts at 5:00am sharp. At South Mountain. It’s going to be hot. And it’s going to be uphill. The chiropractor advised me not to do inclines at the moment, though, since it will put stress on the SI ligaments. So I have no clue what I’m gonna do. I’ll decide tomorrow, I guess. If I feel pretty good and I do go, I will have to just walk around the parking area or something, I guess, while everyone else runs up the mountain. Or, I can just go do my own 50 minute workout by walking in the park or riding my bike. I hate the stress of trying to figure out how to get maximum cardio in with minimal stress on that damn ligament. I’m doing it, of course, but it just sucks and puts a damper on my excitement. That’s what I hate about it.

I am now done with my bitching. You made it through this post! Congratulations. I’d give you all nice, shiny apples if I could. Well, maybe I could. How well do apples ship through the USPS? In big, padded envelopes?

Mmm, damaged and bruised warm apples in the mail. It’s what everyone wants!



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  1. My mom said something to me today when I was telling her about a car issue DH is having: “Are you sure you aren’t just suffering from that Summer solstice thing- where everything seems to break?”

    Because all my life, my family has noticed that things tend to fall apart or break down right around each quarterly, seasonal solstice. It happened so much we couldn’t help but notice things like “Oh, it’s almost Halloween, and suddenly the dishwasher, the blender and the electric mixer have all bit the dust.”

    Cult activities. People we don’t know hexing us just because they delight in our misery- torture the Christians!

    Or something like that. 😉

    Anyway, it’s a fascinating thing to contemplate, rather than dwelling on the miseries.

  2. If you are with SRP, you can sign up to have the electric bills averaged out all year long. Sure $175 is a lot for winter here but its pretty awesome for summer. Let me know if you want me to send you infos.

  3. I’ve looked into the “average” SRP billing-thing, but at the time I needed to be in my house a little longer to establish my yearly average. Maybe I should see if it’s been long enough now! (I think it only requires one year to figure out my usage.) Also, I do tend to keep my house HOT, anyway. I only turn “up” the A/C when people are coming over. My bills aren’t as high as a lot of people I talk to (oh, the benefits of living alone and having total control of my electic and water usage!), but still. It’s high for ME.

  4. I’m with Jen, everything seems to hit in the summer for us too. Like $4000 medical bills. Yippie! And we can’t do the average thing yet either until we have been in our house for over a year. Joy.

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