Very sad news.


The vet called me a little while ago. The little cat has leukemia.

Her protein levels are up, and there are signs that she’s got the disease going, right now… she isn’t just harboring the antigens or whatever they’re called.

So, I talked with my sister and we are going to do the only thing we really can do: euthanize. I need to call to see if the vet can do it late this afternoon/tonight. (Why the rush? Apparently feline leukemia IS contagious between cats, so I can’t risk Simon’s health. Also, I can’t allow myself to grow any more attached than I am. It’s better to get it done rather than putting it off.)

I’ve only “known” her since Wednesday night and yet I’m really upset about this. I keep crying. Good thing T’s coming with me because I don’t know that I could go in the room with her. When Sam died, it was so incredibly traumatic an experience that I have real problems trying to face it again. (If you recall, I didn’t want to be in the room when they did it, but I was b/c I think the vet was in a hurry or something. And Sam made little whining noises as he faded away, eyes looking at me the whole time. I still have vivid nightmares about it, 13 years after the fact.) I’m just so grateful T’s willing to be in the room with her.

This sucks. I’m angry. She never had much of a life at all.


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  1. 😦 I’m sorry. Know that she was loved and cared for just when she needed it most. It’s a hard decision but what kind of life would she have really had for the few short months the prognosis gave her when her quality of life is already obviously so diminished? She probably wouldn’t have ever gained weight or strength, particularly considering how taxing life apparently was for her before the diagnosis. It sucks, but you are right, you do have to do the right thing for Simon and everybody else, including her.

  2. Thanks, Jen. This is so hard, I hate it. I just double-checked with the vet and yeah, this is the only realistic option for all of us. No wonder she was so tiny. And she has only been sitting in the sink; not moving much or playing with the toys I put in the bathroom with her. Every time I go in there, she’s just sitting still in the sink. So yeah, I’m not sure she really feels all that well right now, either. Well, I better go home. We are going to do this around 5pm. 😦

  3. Oh no! The poor baby! You are doing the right thing for everyone. She can’t be feeling well and you don’t want to risk Simon. Also it’s not fair to have her stay and start deteriorating. I know how hard this is. I found a stray outside my station the month before we moved into our townhouse (pre-Portia and Nerissa) and brought him to the shelter to get checked out and adopted. We decided we wanted him so we paid our fee, got him fixed and shots all done and brought him to our cousins’ house to stay until we moved into our new place since we were staying with my in-laws. We named him Bailey because his coat was the color of Bailey’s Irish Cream. A day after we brought him home he started acting listless and two days later his paw swelled up. I made an appointment with the vet at the shelter but the day I came to take him he was laying dead in our cousins’ bathroom where we had been keeping him. I never screamed and cried so hard. Poor B had to scoop him up and wrap him in a towel so we could take him down to the shelter. They think he may have gotten an infection from a cut that first night he was there overnight before we got him. We only knew Bailey for four days and the loss was just as hard. It’s never easy. 😦

  4. I was thinking this morning about hospice care (which is becoming more and more popular for those with pets who are suffering and terminal) and I think that you and T were in the right place at the right time and allowed this little one to die with some dignity, instead of outside in the heat, alone and unloved.

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