I’m in serious pain, yo.

I did something to my hamstring and possibly my sciatic nerve that’s got me in tears. I can’t walk very well at the moment, so I’m just hobbling around my house and only going out when I have to (like my run to the grocery store yesterday). I’m trying to rest, elevate and all the other stuff I’m supposed to in order to help an injury heal.

This isn’t easy. I WANT to get on the treadmill and train. I’m serious. I don’t like this sitting-around-doing-nothing crap. I know I can cross-train by doing other stuff like riding my bike, but first I want a doctor to take a look at this so I know exactly what I am dealing with.

One of the coaches emailed me some info about a chiropractor/sports medicine practice in Chandler. She says people from Team In Training use this place all the time, and they give us 20% off the price, too, just for being in TNT. They open at 8:30 tomorrow, and I’ll be calling very shortly after that to get in as soon as I can. I’m anxious as hell to get some help for this and to get a professional’s opinion regarding what I can do to cross-train, how to do it and when I can start. I don’t want to make anything worse by pushing myself at the moment, because that’s how I got into this mess in the first place.

I used a couple of painkillers left over from last spring when I busted my wrist and tailbone, and they seemed to still be potent enough to do the trick so I can sleep. I absolutely can’t find a comfortable position, especially when lying down. And oddly, when I lift my right leg (which isn’t injured), a shooting, sharp pain goes into my left hamstring. It’s pretty intense on the pain scale. I have to do something about this, because I can’t stand it for much longer. Now my left heel is hurting, which again is an indication that my sciatic nerve is involved in all this mayhem. Grrrr.

By the way, I didn’t drop off the team, in case it’s not already obvious. I’m going to keep doing what I can do and follow whatever instructions I get from the doctor. I sent out a batch of letters to support my fundraising on Saturday, and I’m still committed to reaching my goal. One thing I am considering is doing the half-marathon instead of the full. For my first time in an endurance event–and especially one in a place as hilly as San Francisco– doing half seems a hell of a lot more realistic and smart. After that, I can work up to a full marathon.

This injury is NOT going to sidetrack me and my goal. I like working out again, for the first time in a long time. I’m not quitting. NO WAY. Even if I have to take a couple of weeks off from training (oh dear God, I hope not!) I’m not stopping. I’m not going through all this pain for nothing. I refuse to have this get the best of me! Sure, it hurts like a mofo right now, but I’m a woman. We have higher pain tolerance than men! Women can take a lot of shit and keep on going where weaker people would flounder and hide. So yeah, I can take it!


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  1. P.S.

    I was also thinking, if it turns out you can’t be as active as you’d like to be for a bit, that doesn’t have to mean “failure”. You can use the time to focus on tweaking your nutrition. As we say “It’s 80% nutrition”. What that means is, weight loss isn’t about exercising your brains out. If you are fueling yourself properly, you can actually exercise less. Even Jillian Michaels admits that she (gasp!) HATES to work out, and if you follow her on FB or Twitter, when she’s talking about her workout routines, they’re not all that long and involved. Heck, yeah, they’re tough as hell, but she doesn’t spend hours and hours to look the way she does. She doesn’t even work out every day, not with the work/tour schedule she keeps. It’s all about eating clean. Skip down to your local used book store and see if they have a copy of “Master Your Metabolism”. I also recommend anything by Tosca Reno. See if you can find “The Eat Clean Diet”. Making some simple changes around the house and in the fridge/pantry can keep you on track while your leg heals, even if you’re not actively training. You could even LOSE weight and that would make things that much easier when you do get back to the routine.

    Also, you might look into purchasing a foam roller and having someone teach you how to use it. Check with that physical therapy place you used before- somebody there should have a variety of them and maybe they will have a spare minute to show you a few things that could help- then you’d have a simple way to nurture your muscles after all that hard work! There are some simple ways to lie on the roller and rock back and forth on it to massage your legs- lots of people use it for IT band and sciatica issues.

  2. You’re right! I really could use this time to revamp my eating habits and make changes, and I will. I’ve been meaning to pick up Master Your Metabolism forever now; good idea about checking the used book store for it! It *has* been awhile since I have been in that store anyway… I love going there. 🙂

    I do already have a foam roller! I was just looking up some exercises to try with it, in fact. You read my mind. (I actually bought a fat pool noodle last year because it’s the same thing the trainer in the expensive gym used; the only problem is I can’t remember for the life of me what he taught me. That was pre-wrist break, actually. Wow. Time flies!) I would like someone to show me how to use it right, for sure. And also, how to best use my exercise ball. I’m not sure how to properly do crunches on that thing. For now, I use it to improve my posture and loosen up my hips.

  3. My sisters chiro/acupuncture/massage guy has discounts for summer. he is in chandler too.

  4. Woo-hoo! Try YouTube for instructional videos on both the foam roller and exercise ball. You go, girl!

  5. Dot, I’m gonna try one of two places that are sponsors of Team in Training b/c they offer 20% discounts and one of them even donates another 20% of your fee back to your own fundraising efforts! So that’s pretty cool. Right now I’m about to call and see which would be better… one of them appears to be an in-network provider for my insurance, and the other isn’t. Insurance can be so tricky.

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