Not the greatest day to start training, but…


… I did it!

Yesterday (Monday) was the first official day of following my training schedule. I’ve decided that I will do my training in the morning before it gets too hot, and early enough that I can get to work earlier and then be able to leave work earlier in the day, too. That’s important, because I am now going to bed earlier than I had been. Everything is earlier. And this is a good thing.

Still, the first day of this wasn’t easy at all. In retrospect, the problem was that I happened to have a bad headache yesterday brought on by allergies. It wore down all my energy by the time it was 3pm, and I felt groggy and just gross, overall. I forced myself to stay awake until at least 9pm last night so that I wouldn’t wake up in the middle of the night… I’m trying to get my body on a schedule. I slept OK last night, but not great.

The fantastic news is that my headache is gone! So I feel a LOT more like myself today. I was thinking it was just the waking-up-early that had me feeling like crap yesterday, but it really was that damn headache. Plus I was sneezing a lot, too. Bleh. Stupid seasonal allergies.

I woke up at about the same time today (15 minutes later than yesterday) and because today is supposed to be a ‘rest’ day, I only did some stretches, pushups and crunches before I got ready for work. Nothing too strenuous or hard, but still something to work the other muscles here and there throughout this schedule. I feel pretty good right now. And I did get to work at 8:00am instead of my usual 8:30– 8:45. My goal is to start getting in at 7:30 so I can leave at 4:30.

So, yesterday was one of the hardest days I figure I’ll have in terms of shock to my system. Waking up so much earlier is tough. Even today was hard, although I went to bed early last night and slept a little longer. But I know that as I do it more and more, it will become a new habit. I look forward to the day when I spring out of bed without feeling like a zombie. It’s coming!

The workouts themselves aren’t so bad right now. I do have that tendency to overdo it, and I’m resisting the urge to try to go full-throttle this early. Instead, I am following directions and being smart. Yesterday’s first workout was a 30 minute walk outside. Pretty easy. I did feel like I got a workout, but it wasn’t super-strenuous and nothing hurts today. Success! Tomorrow and Thursday are also 30 minutes, mostly walking, with short intervals (1min) of running. Tomorrow will be running for short bursts as I can, but walking most of the time. The formula is 2 min walking/ 1 minute running x10 for Thursday. Friday’s another rest day, but Saturday morning is the first walk/run training session with the whole team. It’s at the park where I walk Hurley, which is awesome, because I know that park well and it’s only two minutes from my house. I need to be there at 5:30am. So I will need to get up around 4:30! YIKES. Well, it’ll get easier!  I keep reminding myself of that.

I’m so happy it’s underway and I am doing this. I can’t explain why this, why now. I just knew somehow that this was what I was supposed to do. I got that brochure in the mail and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I prayed on it, and got my answer, I guess. Because here I am. Signed up for a frickin’ marathon! Me! I never really thought I’d be a runner. But now the idea of it seems so natural. I have no idea why things just change one day, and the direction of your life is reset. But it’s wonderful. I’m so grateful and blessed that it happened. I’m lucky, I know that. Because I had no direction for years and years and years. Now that it’s here, I just appreciate it very much. I’m not taking this opportunity lightly, or for granted.

My main prayer right now is simple: I do not want to be injured. I want to remain healthy so I can accomplish my goals. I don’t want to be sidetracked by an injury. To that end, I am reading all kinds of stuff on injury prevention and I’m prepared to ask a lot of questions of my coaches. Things about pacing myself, when to stretch and how to stretch after a run, how to improve how my foot strikes the ground at different speeds, etc.

I know that I will have pain. That’s OK and normal, of course. But it has to only be the GOOD pain. The kind that means my muscles are adapting and my joints and bones are getting stronger and more used to the impact. Not the tearing, burning injury-pains. Not allowed. No way. I have had plenty of injuries in my spazzed-out life as it is… I am going to do this RIGHT. It’s required. No other option than to follow the rules, follow directions and be smart.

Now I have to get this fundraising stuff underway. This weekend, I didn’t get to meet the campaign manager-guy who is supposed to be walking me through my own personal plan to raise the money. He didn’t make it to the meeting with the team. So, today, I am scheduled for a phone call at 11:30 with him. I’m very anxious to talk to this guy, because he STILL has not sent me my website URL! I was supposed to have that after registered in May 14th. I’ve been bugging him with emails and stuff, and heard nothing. The staff I met this weekend told me he has been sick and maybe that’s why I haven’t heard back yet, but I’m still impatient as hell. I met the team members this weekend, and many of them already have their sites up and are already accepting donations! I’m pissed that I am lagging behind with this.

Speaking of my team… there are at least 25 people on the marathon training team for the east valley. I got to know one very friendly woman named Tammy, and we are in the same situation. It’s her first marathon, too. She’s a little overweight and not much of an athlete. But she’s determined and optimistic as hell! Her energy matched mine pretty well, and we exchanged phone numbers in case we want to get together, carpool to training events or need one another for support. It’s so cool. I’m looking forward to getting to know more people on the team and making friendships as we all go through this journey.

I can’t say enough positive stuff so far about the Team in Training group, really. (With the exception of the fundraising campaign guy and the lack-of-website, of course.) Nice people, down to earth, encouraging but not over the top phony with it either. It feels sincere. So far, so good!

I’ll try not to turn this into The Marathon Blog, overall… but I do know I’ll be talking about it a lot. This is a huge part of my life now. It’s the headline in my life. (Well, this and my book, which yes, I am still working on!)

Thanks for reading as I babbled on about all of this. I hope you have a really great day. Buh-bye, muthafuckas!!!

I say that with love.


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  1. 🙂

    Morning workouts still make me feel kinda blah, even after all these years. I’m noticing I’ve adapted, though. They no longer make me feel nauseous and exhausted all day. Still, if I had my druthers I’d rather work out on the afternoons.

  2. It’s so cool you are doing this. I’m jealous too. I have only walked a marathon. I really really want to run one. This stupid divorce thing and lack of babysitters makes it hard to train properly. But at least I get my big ol butt to the gym. If I didn’t do that…well, I’d have an even bigger ol butt.

    Oh…and while I’m here. Bum. Bum. Bum. They are bums. The people that drink and do drugs and beg for money to fund their drinking and drugging…are totally BUMS! I’m glad you said something. I couldn’t. The girl is a friend of mine, who ironically, was so mean to people (calling them names) when we were in grade school together. Good for her to be involved in helping the poor…but really? Do we need to be attacked for saying bum? really?

  3. Yeah, it remains to be seen how I will feel about morning workouts after a week or so of them. I’m staying optimistic, though! 🙂

    Tammy, you don’t have a big ol’ butt. Seriously! I’m not just saying that to be nice. You’re tiny. But listen, if this marathon thing goes well for me, I want to recruit you to do one with me sometime!

    LOL on the “bums” conversation!! I was angry at first because she said that, and decided I would just go ahead and say something. If there is one thing I can’t stand, it’s people who are all caught up in being PC. Good lord. Relax. And be realistic… bums are bums, like you said! BUMS. Just like some drug addicts are junkies or filthy meth-heads. It’s just the way it goes.

  4. I always feel better if I work out in the afternoon. But I don’t really work out at all right now so I am one to talk. Congrats for sticking with it and working hard even when you don’t want to.

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