Galaxies will collide, and we’re sitting here watching TV


Wow. I just learned that our Milky Way galaxy is actually going to collide with the Andromeda galaxy someday. It’ll be the real doomsday.

But it won’t happen for another few hundred billion years. The actual collision will take millions of years, itself. As part of it, some stars will be thrown out into the universe (our sun would go flying….Ahhhhhhh…!) or they’ll be absorbed into the ‘stomach’ of the new galaxy formed by the collision. And then, after trillions of years, dark energy is going to suck up galaxies themselves, so the universe itself will be falling apart.

When you start thinking about this stuff, it really reminds you again how brief our lives all are, and how much of an insanely-small sliver of a chance it was that we evolved to human beings in the first place. So many conditions had to come into place at such a miraculous-random-perfect moment to make it possible for this planet to support life. Our sun was in the exactly perfect spot in the galaxy, at the right time.  It’s absolutely extraordinary, and I love being reminded of this from time to time.

How amazing is it that some very intelligent people even learned how to comprehend the mechanics and physics of the universe? How the hell do they do the math equations and create the telescopes that see what we can see? WOW! Pretty fucking awesome, humanity! This is a true high point for us. The low point most likely being, of course, Jersey Shore.

Thank you, Discovery Science! By the way, this Saturday’s episode of Oddities features Voltaire, who is interested in buying a preserved slice of human brain!

(By the way, I have been trying to publish this post since yesterday. For some reason, every time I go to do it, my computer has either crashed or frozen up! It’s like WordPress doesn’t want me to talk about the galaxy-truth! It’s too provocative a topic for the masses!)


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  1. heh, they showed the vampire bat clip. that kid is a moron. its big even for a leaf nose.

    woot! Voltaire!

  2. sorry dude but i just read your post and i saw some mistakes.. i dont know if you are aware of these errors now (since the post is made about 1 year before).. but anyway, the collision is gonna take place in 4 billion years from presence.. not hudrends of billions..

    about the events taking place in that collision nothing is for sure.. most expected is that stars collide with each others since the gravitational fields will change dramatically.. the two galaxies will “eat” each other creating a spiral shape until they form only one new galaxy different from both old ones..

    In the next part i lost you completely.. You talk about the end of the universe (which of course has nothing to do with our galaxy collision with andromeda).. Scientists haven’t found yet the “expiration date” of our universe as well as the excact reason for this senario.. The dark energy (as well as the dark matter) is two things that we know almost nothing about them.. You cant expect to be the reason to the end of all..

    BUT, what u may wanted to say is a senario which is still unproved.. It says that since dark energy accelerates the departure of galaxies from each other, someday this could happen in a reversed way (The Big Crush Theory).. So the universe starts contracting until galaxies start colliding with each other.. During this precedure, stars are colliding and combining as well as black holes do the same!! And here is the key! More and more black holes are combining (including the supermassive ones in the centre of the galaxies) during the contraction of universe untill they create one powerfull black hole with extreme mass, enough to pull inside everything..

    And then the end??

    NO.. Every black hole can “suicide”, which in scientific terms is the time when the black hole is getting destroyed by its self.. And here come’s the big bang! Actually ANOTHER big bang.. Recreation of everything.. Un-ending circle, scientifically measured to be each time longer than the previous one..

    I repeat my self, this is an unproved theory, but i explained it in case it was what u wanted to say at your post..

    We know almost nothing about dark energy or dark matter to be able to say that it will suck up everything.. 🙂

    I hope u find anything interesting in my words and if u disagree feel free to mail me..

  3. Thank you for sharing the correct facts with me. The thing is, I purposely wrote this to make it sound like I can’t possibly comprehend the Big Science Facts–just writing from memory of a show I saw once– and meant this as a joke.

    I definitely apologize to anyone who comes here seeking actual facts about galaxies and dark matter, etc. You won’t find intelligent life here. 🙂

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