Photographic evidence of my social activity


The Meetup people posted some pictures from the moonlight hike the other night, and I’m pleased to share them here and prove to any naysayers that yes, I was there! I did it. I frickin’ hiked with a shitload of people I never met before. Bippity BLAM, mofos!

Here’s an ever-so-flattering shot of me taking a swig of water. Lovely.

Those were the girls I talked to the most, too. Especially the one on the left. The sucky thing is that I can’t remember her name. I remember the other two girls’ names, but not the one I liked the most. Ehh. Maybe I’ll figure it out if I go to another event or some junk.

Here’s the entire group. I’m near the middle–to the right of Girl With Red Shirt–with sunglasses:

One guy brought his little black dog along on the hike. Too bad I don’t see the dog in this photo. I felt like the guy brought the dog so he could talk to chicks. But then, when chicks went up to him and pet the dog, like I did, he didn’t say anything. He was really weird. Or, more likely, he was afraid to talk to me because I am hideous!!! HIDEOUS, I tell ya! Rrrawr!

So, there you have it. I did something.

By the way, the hike itself was pretty decent. I’ve never done that particular trail even though it’s the same mountain I go to on a regular basis. Some of the people were nice, and I liked talking to some of them. None of the guys were all that great, though. Some were downright annoying and/or arrogant. One guy was talking about his health insurance business or some damn thing to anyone who came near him. It became laughable. He was clearly trying to sell health insurance. On the trail. In the dark.

And then, of course, the moonlight hike never took place in any moonlight whatsoever, because we went out way too early. We should have gone out an hour later. I was so bummed out about that, because I got super excited to hike during a full moon. Especially one as bright as this one has been. Oh, well. This group has done other moonlight hikes, so maybe one in the future will work out and I can do that one.

Overall… I kind of failed, socially, in the end. I didn’t really feel comfortable enough to just have fun. My sense of humor fell FLAT at least three times. I mean, really, really FLAT. I’m sarcastic, and I have what I think is a dry sense of humor. I don’t think people can always tell when I am joking. It’s kinda embarrassing.

For example, we saw several coyotes come out at dusk. People were tittering and saying little things as we watched them, some were taking pictures, etc. And I turned to the girls next to me and said something like, “Now watch. Fifty coyotes are going to appear over that ridge and start picking us off like housecats.”


OHMYGOD. Seriously, people?! You can’t tell that statement is a joke?! GAH!!!

This is what I hate. I don’t like people with shitty, lame senses of humor. Because I always end up feeling like such a big dork/spazz around people like that. Whatever. I can’t change how I am, and I don’t want to, so fuck it.

I thought it was funny.

So that’s my story of the full moon hike. I guess it was good. But it could have been better, to be honest. 1) Actual hiking in moonlight is necessary and 2) People with senses of humor are also necessary.

It’s also possible I need a lesson or two in joke delivery. Ehh. Hell. I’m gonna go eat a sammich.


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  1. The important thing is that you got out of your comfort zone, did something new and different, and met some people.

    If I had been there, I’d have laughed at the coyote joke.

  2. That’s right! I got out of my comfort zone, and it did feel good to go through with it. When I couldn’t find a parking spot within a half a mile of the spot we were meeting, I’ll admit I considered just going home. But I didn’t, and that’s what I’m proud of. The next event will be even better, because I’ll get better at talking. Maybe. We’ll see. Anyway, yeah! I will do more stuff. And thanks for saying you’d laugh at the coyote joke… you’d laugh, and I bet you would keep going with it and say a retort. We’d have fun and all the boring people could just keep walking ahead of us! 🙂

  3. I laughed out loud at the coyote joke and I wasn’t even there. I get that kind of thing ALL the time! I say some sarcastic thing and people don’t get it. Why, that happens to me on Facebook on a daily basis and people think I’m serious and say feel the need to have to say something “to help”. I hate facebook for that reason. Look people, I don’t need you to solve my problems…as if I had any! But I digress.

  4. I would have laughed, that coyote joke was awesome!

    Maybe next hike you will interact more. This was a trial to see what it was like. And now that you know some of the people you will feel more comfortable going up to them.

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