Giddy and high


Damn, friends!! It’s been an excellent week for my book.

I’ve written three chapters this week alone. (Rejoice! Exaltation! Celebration!)

I decided I will work on it every single day. Even if it’s only to write two or three lines. I’m not giving up. I’m going to finish it. I really, really am going to finish it! This time, it’s gonna happen.

I’m just so excited about this I feel like singing or something. Seriously, this is IT. This is the feeling I love, and the feeling that makes me feel the most like myself. I love letting a story flow out of me. I love the surprises and the twists I never saw coming. It happens! I find myself writing shit that’s nothing like what I’d been planning for years. The story goes where it wants to.

I can’t wait to start sending sample chapters out to agents.

Wouldn’t it be frickin’ rad if someone actually liked this thing I’m writing? And wanted to read the whole thing? Just getting to that point would make me lose my shit! All I ever wanted to be all my life is a writer.

Oh, the best inspirational song right now for me is not-so-new, and I’ve had it on my iPod for years now: “It’s Amazing” by Jem. I highly recommend it if you are attempting something big, something that challenges you and brings you closer to your dreams. I listen to this and think about my book and the marathon. I get stoked.

“Nothing can compare to deserving your dreams.”


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  1. So excited you are on a writing roll! And I love “It’s Amazing.” I remember when I heard it on an episode of Medium and I went and got it that night. I have loved Jem for a long time. She has a great sound.

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