Serious Moonlight!


Who in their right mind goes hiking on a mountain at night?

This chick.

Tonight, I’m going on a full moon hike and I’m psyched about it. The past couple of nights have been gorgeous outside– nice breezes and a super-bright moon. If the weather holds and it stays clear and breezy like it has been, the hike will be awesome.

I’ve only hiked in the dark twice before, and those times were completely by accident–and in both cases, I didn’t have a flashlight. The first time, my friend Sara and I got lost and couldn’t get back to the car until well after sunset. The second time was when I went hiking with Hurley on my favorite trail and I miscalculated how long the hike would take with Hurley. What normally takes about 40-50 minutes stretched closer to an hour and a half, because he’s not very good at hiking. He likes to rest a lot, and have me give him water. And he has to lift his leg a million times, too. I love that dog more than anything, but I don’t love taking him on a hike. Anyway, we had to leave the mountain in the dark and it was really hard. That time, I had my cell phone with me, so I used that as a makeshift flashlight every now and then. It sucked.

Tonight, I shouldn’t have any problems. For one thing, I’m prepared. I’ll have my flashlight and some extra batteries. Also, I’m going with a group of about 30 people. Safety in numbers. This is my first Meetup event I’m attending since I joined about a month or so ago.

I’m somewhat nervous about the meeting-people part, but it looks like several other people are new to the group and this will be their first time, too, so that’s cool. I’m honestly not doing it to meet guys. Not that it would suck if I did happen to meet one or two. But really, it’s about being able to go on a moonlight hike and feel safe about it, for me. I’d never have the guts to go out there with even two or three other people. (That’s because I know the Desert Goblins come out and attack people dumb enough to hike on the mountain at night. I ain’t getting torn up into pieces. Hellllll no.)

I’m bringing my camera, but that doesn’t mean I will get any good shots. I’ll try, though! It would be cool if I did manage to get something nice.

I’m all anxious about the marathon training thing to get started. I’ve been checking my e-mail constantly because I can’t wait to hear from the captain/coach and get my website started. So far, I haven’t heard anything, and now I am wondering if I accidentally wrote my e-mail address wrong on the registration form. If I get distracted while I’m writing it out, I will blend together different e-mail account addresses in stupid ways; it’s happened before. I hope that I got it right on Saturday. I’m just ready to get started! (Oh, and thank you if you’ve already said you would support me… that is SO COOL. Wow.)

Other stuff:

* I planted replacement lantanas in my yard, finally! Two of them definitely died over the winter, and I finally got around to buying new plants. This time, I got a purple lantana and a red/orange/pink one. The nursery was having a big sale and these plants, which normally sell for $19.99, were $9.99. I couldn’t pass it up. Anyway, I ended up planting them later in the day on Sunday. As I was moving one of the plants into the hole I dug, my left garden glove just slid off my hand at one point. I didn’t even notice it, until it was time to start pushing dirt back in and around the root ball. Why was one of my hands bare? I looked all over, thinking I might have taken it off at one point and dropped it on the ground… Hurley was outside with me, so there was a strong chance he saw my glove, picked it up and carried it to another spot in the yard. I looked all over and didn’t see it. And I realized it had to be down in the hole. Sure enough, it was underneath the roots. I kind of broke up the root ball a little bit, though, to get it out. I hope that it doesn’t affect the plant. The whole thing made me laugh.

I also bought a pretty hibiscus plant that, for now, is going to live on my patio in a large planter. I know hibiscus can be tricky out here, but if I can find a good spot in the yard with the right sun, maybe I can plant it. I love the flowers on this thing: they are peach-colored, which I’d never seen on a hibiscus before. (Most of them I’ve seen here have been red, pink or purple [blue]– and even bright orange.) It looks pretty much like this:

I should take some photos of my actual yard and flowers sometime. My snail vine, in particular, is going crazy these days! I’m glad, because it’s kind of my favorite plant out there. I need to make a trellis-system on the block wall because it’s outgrown the wooden trellis I placed behind it. Now I am thinking maybe I can put some nails in the wall, and wrap some wire between them, so the plant has someplace to go. Also, it would look really pretty growing all over the wall.

Here’s a stock photo of a snail vine:

My little grass area is looking dry, though. I need to reset the sprinkler settings, I think. Also, sometimes I really wish I did have an electric lawn mower, because the reel mower I use now takes so long. (You have to go back and over the same spots a few times to catch all of the grass.) But at the moment, I don’t see a lawn mower as a good use of my money.

If anything, I need a shed out there. I would love to clear off my porch and have all my tools and garden supplies tucked away neatly inside a shed, rather than organized somewhat-neatly on the porch. I’ll see how money looks in the next few months. Maybe I can get one in the fall.

* Bridesmaids was hilarious! I highly recommend it. Now, if you know me, I am not someone who likes romantic comedies very much. I was kind of concerned this would be a chick flick. But it wasn’t! It was fun. Sure, sometimes it got chick-flicky, with the little sincere parts, but it worked. When we saw the movie, the theater was completely packed. We had to sit in the front row and lean back to watch the damn thing! But after awhile, you get used to it, for the most part. My BIL and his friend came with me and my sister, and they loved the movie, too. It’s awesome when women can be just as good at gross-out and outrageous comedy as men. I’ve long thought we needed some movies like this one. Maybe now we will get them! Women are funny and good ones, like Kristin Wiig, can carry a whole film if they get a chance to show what they can do. The whole thing made me really happy.

* Tina Fey weighed in on the photo. She said, “It’s definitely the haircut.” She’s right. That is one hell of a terrible haircut!

* The office is so quiet this week. Half of the company is away at our annual conference. This year, it’s in Orlando. I didn’t get to go, since the budget only allows for so many people, but it’s actually nice being here right now. I am caught up on my work, and enjoying the silence and lack of meetings. Plus, in my downtime, I’ve been writing my book. I would love to have more weeks like this!

* I’m still having fun geeking out about the casting for The Hunger Games movie. I think that this part, the guessing game, could end up being more fun than the movie itself! Not that I won’t like the movie, because I probably will. I like the cast so far, with the exception of the two male leads. Entertainment Weekly has this section on its site –Hunger Games Central – that I check once a day or so to see any updates.

Anyway, the next big casting announcement will have to be Cinna, the stylist. They need a delicate kind-of dude for this part. A lot of people have said that someone like Cillian Murphy would be good for the part, and I have to agree. When I read the book, I pictured someone very close to what he looks like. However, of course I have begun to wonder if it could be a part for Ben Barnes. He’s not a brawny dude, by any stretch… he could play pretty. It would just be very cool if he got into these movies, somehow. Maybe Cinna is the part he could play. Well… it probably won’t happen, anyway, so I don’t expect anything. I’m even suggesting Keith Powell from 30 Rock as Cinna, online. I could totally see Toofer being a stylist, somehow!

And, because it has been a few weeks or whatever since I’ve done this, here’s a new, obligatory, gratuitous Ben Barnes photo:

I really love those hands.

Well, on that beautiful note, I think I’ll end this post! Hope you’re having a good day. I’ll report back in tomorrow if I don’t accidentally fall off the mountain. In the moonlight.


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  1. I had one of those orangy peachy hibiscus in a pot out front. It lasted and reflowered for a couple of years. Then just decided it didnt love me anymore. The ones that do really well here are the purple ones with the smaller leaves.

    I have a snail vine and it does die in the winter so maybe around November/December, trim it down to the ground. Around July/ August, it will go apeshit and you will want to trim it a bit so it doesnt take over. So cute! but it does get aphids so just spray with soapy water.

  2. Yay! Plants! and Yay! for the hike, the training and meeting new people! I’m sure you will do great and you will enjoy all that you learn and experience! I’m excited for you!

  3. I absolutely LOVED Bridesmaids! What a brilliant movie! I’m definitely buying that when it comes out on DVD. I thought it was better than The Hangover. You know?

    You’re on Meetup? I still haven’t had the courage to go to any. I am involved in a couple RAW food ones, but chickened out on the events.

  4. Those flowers are gorgeous! Well done!

    The moonlight hike sounds amazing! I think I would like to try something like that. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

    I am so happy TF weighed in on the photo. I was wondering what she would say.

    I can’t wait to see Bridesmaids. I have heard nothing but good things about it.

    I am loving all the Hunger Games talk too. And Woody Harrelson as Heimitch is awesome! I also think Cillian Murphy would be good for Cinna, but I had someone else in mind. Too bad I can’t think of who that is right now. I blame moving brain. 🙂

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