Run, dipshit! Run!


Well, I registered for Team in Training!

If I raise the minimum donation amount, then I will be taking part in the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco this October!

On Saturday, I attended the information meeting on Team in Training and decided to go for it. The most I will “lose” is the $50 registration fee I paid. (And that money goes right to the Lymphoma & Leukemia Society [LSS] anyway, so it’s more like a donation.)

I’m anxious and scared and excited! I’ve never done an endurance event before, although I’ve always wondered about it. You always hear these stories of people who are not athletic at all and they train and end up crossing the finish line, in the end. And this race is for a good cause– everything benefits the LSS.

We have our first kick-off meeting this Saturday, where I will meet my team and they’ll give us our training schedule. They’re also supposed to give us a lot of tips and recommendations for the fundraising part of it, too. I sure hope I can pull this off. I don’t know a lot of people, really, who can afford to donate anything, so I think I have to depend upon the kindness of strangers, in large part. We’ll have to see. If I don’t raise enough money, then I can’t go to the marathon. I have up to 10 days before the event to reach…gulp… $3,200.


Well, that includes the airfare and hotel for the weekend of the marathon. That’s why the amount is so high. But also, I guess it kind of offsets the training you get, too. Either way, it is a high sum and I do feel a bit daunted by the prospective of raising that kind of money. At least my marathon-running friends have nothing but good things to say about Team in Training, so I know I’m doing something legit.

I’m so psyched to maybe find the thing I like to do. Maybe running will be awesome for me! I love to hike, but it’s also an incredible hassle, and that’s why I don’t go all that often. If I want to hike during the week, I need to leave work early so I can get home and let Hurley out, and then drive back across town for about 25 minutes to get to the mountain. My favorite trail has been inundated with mountain bikers lately, too… meaning, it’s crowded out there. And finally, there is the heat issue. Sometimes it really is just too damn hot out there to hike safely. I wish we had a nearby trail with trees. Shade would be amazing. If you currently have shade where you live, please be grateful.

I haven’t wanted to go out on bike because I’m afraid. The roads near me have bike lanes, but I see people whizzing past bikes all the time, and it’s scary-looking! People drive so fast here. I just don’t live in a neighborhood with “side streets” that I could use for a big chunk of my ride. There are lots of dead-ends and culdesacs. If I go out, I pretty much have to use one of the two six-lane streets that border my neighborhood in order to get anywhere good. Speed limit: 45. Regular speed I drive on these roads to keep up with traffic: 55-60. Yikes.

I like my treadmill, but I have two tendencies that I really am trying to break myself of. One is finding excuses not to use it. Two is when I do use it, I push myself too fast, too soon. I’ve gotten good at warm-ups and cooldowns. However, that middle part of the workout is where I mess it all up. I start playing with high inclines, and higher speeds than I used the last time I was on the treadmill. It’s always about going “just one more minute before I slow down/ lower the incline” to get the most out of my workout. I am really bad at the easing-into-it thing.

Well, I hope this changes if I work with a team and there is a coach who will give me a training schedule to follow and will also be there for the two group training meets each week… I need someone to yell at me to pace myself. And, doing something as a team is a new concept for me. I’m a solitary workout person. I don’t enjoy classes, usually, and I’m not wired to want to do competitive team sports of any kind. I’m anxious to try this, to see if the idea of knowing other people are waiting on me, will motivate me to get out of bed early for those 6am runs in the park. I think it will.

I’m most excited about feeling good about myself, though. If I end up accomplishing this… I train correctly and get in shape; I raise the money I need; and I actually get out there and finish a marathon… it will feel just awesome. These three goals are pretty huge. But they are do-able, that’s the thing! I need to do something like this. I need something to focus on that is completely positive, and completely outside of writing. 😉 While my book is moving along better than ever, I don’t want it to be the only thing I ever do. I want to be healthy. I want to challenge myself and go way outside my comfort zone for what is ultimately a very worthy cause to help other people.

Anyway, to get started: I am waiting for emails or calls from my team captain and the team coach. I’m supposed to have my own website very shortly where people can donate to help me meet my personal fundraising goal. On Saturday, we’ll finally meet in person and they are supposed to tell us about a shoe clinic or something like that– I could really use that. I’m not sure I buy the correct shoes all the time. Sure, I buy ‘running shoes’ when I want to run, or hiking sneakers for hiking, but regarding the correct fit and everything for my gait? That’s another thing entirely.

I hope I don’t fizzle out with this. I hope it sticks. Right now, I want it to, and I plan that it WILL stick. I will do this!

(Another cool thing about this particular race: you can either run or walk it. And you can do the full marathon, or the half marathon. So, if halfway through my training I realize I need to change my plans to a more realistic option, I can do that. But I’m aiming for the top right now, though. Run that full marathon, baby! Aw yeah.)

And, finally: San Francisco? Sweet! I love it there. And this time, Ex won’t be there with me. Yay! Full enjoyment!  🙂


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  2. This is amazing! Good luck! I will send what I can when we get settled. Hey, maybe if we can swing it, hubby and I will come cheer you on in SF! We would love another excuse to go there. 🙂

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