Fey’s (underachieving) doppelganger


And so, my friends, today is Tuesday. We have come to that day of the week that is not yet Wednesday, but at least it is no longer Monday. We may have mild rejoicing at this time.


Not much is going on, I guess. I just felt like babbling for a few minutes. I’ve gotten a lot of work done already, so consider this a way I am pacing myself. Yeah. That’s the ticket.

How about bullet points for this Tuesday post? Yes! Yes! Here we go:

* My Mom still hasn’t been called for any more job interviews. She’s starting to talk about collecting social security. If she waits 3 more years, she’ll get a lot more money each month, but I’m not sure what she’d going to decide on. I just hope something happens soon. I’m more stressed than I probably should be about this situation.

* I’m scheduled for a volunteer shift at the Phoenix Comicon the last weekend of this month. Sweet! That means I get in free for that entire day, so I am playing with the idea of taking the day off of work (Friday) so I can do comicon stuff before it’s time for my 7-11pm shift at the information desk. If I wanted to get into the whole festival for free, I’d need to volunteer a total of 12 hours and frankly, I can’t do that. I have my limits for how long I can stand to be in a massive crowd of people. Especially if a lot of it ends up being what I call IYFG. (In-your-face geekery) For me, that’s cosplay and LARPing; anything that involves ‘becoming’ someone else and talking to people in that character’s voice. I have limited patience for such things. Also, I might laugh. And I don’t want to come off as the mean chick who laughs at people. I’m trying to be respectful, damn it.

* My sister’s hearing good things lately about something. I won’t say what because I could jinx it and that would suck. Still, it’s been nice to know other people see her talent and potential. That is all.

* I finally blew up the exercise ball I bought about a year ago. Last night, as I worked on my book (finished editing everything that’s written so far, boo yah!) I sat on the ball because I’m trying to keep my posture as strong as possible right now. This pain in my leg, man… it’s bad. While I am glad I know exactly what the problem is, I’m still so sad about it. I had a great, long run without sciatic pain. But I think I always knew it could come back as I got older. I feel like blaming my weak core muscles, which I need to stabilize and support my lower back; and all the stupid yard work that has me squatting, kneeling, twisting and raking pretty much every weekend. And then there is the BIGGEST issue: Sitting in this desk chair 40+ hours a week. I sit way too much! I know that. I have a lumbar cushion. I do stretches both in my chair and standing in my cube. I take daily walks and always go the long way to the bathroom. And yet, with all of this effort, I feel like the pain is actually getting worse every day. Clearly, I’m not doing something right. Yesterday I got nowhere near walking my usual route around the lake. I had to cut it short by about 3/4! The pain was just too much. Walking Hurley last night was also a challenge. He didn’t like my slower pace.

* So, I might be making a doctor appointment very soon. 😦 I don’t wanna! But I will, because I can’t live with this kind of constant pain. It’s not going to go away on its own, now… I know that now. I tried self-treating, and it’s time to concede to professional help. Son of a bitch.

* In happier news, K asked me to send over some old school photos of me that she and her Dad have said look just like Tina Fey’s old school photos. They’re going to show TF my photos because they’ve been telling her about her “AZ twin.” TF doesn’t really remember meeting me, which is completely understandable– she was working the day we were on set! Anyway, it’s kind of crazy that one of my biggest idols will be looking at my pictures and listening to K and her Dad telling her how much like her I am. (That’s the other part of it. They say we have the same sense of humor, and K says we talk the same way– not a lot of eye contact at first, with eyes cast off to the side somewhere. Ha! She cracks me up. I hardly ever see her, and yet she knows how I talk? Shyeah. Well, I bet she’s right, though. Because for many years she spent a lot of time around me.) Anyway, isn’t this so weird? It’s not like TF’s going to become my super-awesome famous friend now or something… in fact, I can’t imagine how the photo/AZ twin thing will even come up in their conversations. All I can say is that it’s trippy to know that YOU will be a topic of a (short) discussion, 3,000 miles away, and one of the people in the discussion is Tina-frickin’-Fey. Weird. Weird. Weird.

Here’s the comparison:

* Speaking of K and TF: you know how TF hosted SNL this past Saturday? Guess who was in the audience: K. She texted me while she was sitting there. Later, when I watched the broadcast, I searched for K in the crowd but didn’t see her there. She’s very lucky sometimes!

* Dating is going to happen. I’ve decided. I’ve toyed with the idea, but yesterday I kind of had an epiphany that enough time has passed now, and I should venture into that terrible wading pool. Maybe it won’t be terrible. I don’t know. It’s just that I’ve reached the point where, if I stay out of the dating scene for much longer, I’m going to be one of those weird people. And three years of being single is a respectable amount of time. I’ve been working on myself, for sure. I’ve learned so much, and changed in a lot of important ways. The only thing that’s different in a bad way is I have gotten fat. Well, whatever. I’ll keep working on that one in the meantime. But I shouldn’t hold everything up because of it. Time to at least TRY IT. Just to prove to myself I can do it.

* Ever see the MTV “True Life” episode with the girl who has Tourette’s Syndrome? I found it while channel surfing last night and it was pretty interesting. I felt so bad for this poor girl… she seemed so nice, sweet and intelligent, and this thing just kept happening to her. I learned a lot about what that disease really looks like (it’s not just people screaming obscenities) and I was surprised to actually enjoy an MTV show for once. Everything else is either completely retarded, or depressing (Teen Mom). Anyway, if you have a chance to watch that episode, it’s pretty good.

* I’m finished for now. Time for me to venture away from this desk for a few minutes, stretch, and get ready for the last part of the workday. Fare thee well, chickadees!


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  1. Wow. I thought both those pictures were you. I was trying to scroll down to see Tiny Fey’s pic, but there wasn’t anything there. Wow. You REALLY look a lot alike!

    Good for you for trying the dating thing. It’s hard, but you have to get in there. I have horror stories (as you know) but eventually you find the right person. And for those horror stories, my friend and I are starting a blog that deals with that. You can post your bad stories there! LOL!

  2. That picture of her is from a Vogue issue last year. When it came out, there were several people, actually, who told me about this picture. All people who knew me “when.” It’s just so flippin’ weird! I really can’t decide if I am flattered or not! Neither of us were cute kids. 😉

    (We’re gorgeous adults, though, right? Especially her. Me, I tend to enjoy the bakery items a little too much. And I look stoned in every single picture anyone takes of me. Blehh.)

  3. That is uncanny…you guys both look a lot alike when you were younger. How cool!

    Yay for dating! Just take it slow and enjoy yourself. And YOU ARE NOT FAT! I look forward to hearing about your adventures. Hey, if anything it should make for some interesting blog fodder, right. 🙂

  4. You are so totally gorgeous, lady! It’s funny, because I don’t think you two look all that alike as adults. Maybe you could pass for cousins, but the resemblance in the kid photos is uncanny!

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