Random Photos, git yer Random Photos here!


Blogging? With words? Boring. Today, all the cool kids are photo blogging. So here’s my attempt at this new-fangled fad.

Random things from my hard drive, Friday edition:

One of my favorite running sketches on SCTV (that I have seen, so far) is 5 Neat Guys. They sing such hits as “Penny Loafers” and “I’m the Goofy Guy in the Classroom.” And much, much more!

I plan to buy this T-shirt for my sister when she has a baby. She’ll wear it, too. Because she’s awesome and has a friggin’ sense of humor. [I hate Mommies who can’t laugh anymore at funny shit!]

“Head! Move! Lookit that head… it’s like Sputnik! Spherical but pointy in parts!”

Yes, that is a chandelier made of real human bones. It’s in a church in Spain someplace, I think. I can’t remember now. But the whole place is decorated and constructed with skeletons. It’s awesome! I have to look it up again, so I can share the name of it and everything. For now, just look at all them bones! UPDATE! It’s in the Sedlec Ossuary, in the Czech Republic. Read about it here on lovely Wikipedia! It’s incredible… at least, I think so.

Humanized cat playing chess. Of course. They do this all the time. (It’s also an inside joke with one of the graphic designers at work.)

One of my favorite moments in Benny & Joon: When Sam bounces on Joon’s couch, and sees the little stuffed dog behind him, and he looks at it for a second and quietly goes, “Grrrrrrr.” 🙂


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  1. I love Benny and Joon. 🙂 And that moment is awesome!

    I would totally wear that shirt too. I got my niece a onsie that says “I’M what happened in Vegas.” I made sure she wore it while they were here. Ha ha!

  2. If I were pregnant, I’d want a shirt that just said, “BEER” with an arrow pointing down to the belly. But I’ve been saying that for years… so I’m sure someone has already made this shirt and made money off of it. (That’s the way it goes with me! LOL!)

    I’m a sucker for goofy T-shirts (and onesies!) like these.

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