Dry air; unruly hair; Olivia from “over there”…


I’m in rhyming mode!

I’m having a busy week at work (which is good!) and coming home and having relatively ordinary evenings, so there isn’t much going on right now. It’s nice. But it is a little dull, blogging-wise.

Simon did something new this morning, when I hit the snooze button on the alarm clock and rolled back over for another 10 minutes: He walked on my pillow, put his face in my ear and pulled out my ear plug!

I was startled and amused, all at once. “Give me THAT!” I took it back from him before he could jump off the bed and run away with it forever. I doubt cats can see neon colors, but I wonder how noticeable the earplugs really are for him to see one in my head, through my tangled bed-hair, and be intrigued enough to pull it out.

Great. New thing to worry about: the cat removing my ear plugs as I sleep. DAMN. It’s like he knows I wear them to block a lot of sounds out, but most of all, his sounds. I’ve been enjoying the silence and not hearing him knocking things off my dresser and nightstand and licking the inside of his trash can… now, I might have to kiss this silence goodbye if he’s become smart enough to figure out the earplug thing. Again: DAMN.

The weather here has been so dry lately. Apparently, we had the driest day in over 100 years recently, when the humidity was only 2%. Since then, we’ve gone up to a waterlogged 3%. Every time I blow my nose, it’s bloody; and yesterday in Target on my lunch hour, I saw a lady trying to stop a bloody nose as she stood in line for the cashier. I felt bad for her… it could have been me, or any of us, in that situation. Last night, I used plastic wood filler on the end table I’m refinishing, because the dry heat cracked the wood… as I worked, the wood filler was drying really, really fast. It got kind of stressful, trying to get it all down into the crack before the stuff hardened. UGH. But this morning, I just loved taking a long shower and breathing in the steam for awhile. It’s weird how much you can notice the absence of humidity in the air.

Random stuff!

* My Mom has an interview with a staffing agency this afternoon. It’s her first interview since she found out her job was ending on May 31. I sure hope she can find something… it’s scary, thinking of how hard it really is to find a job and adding it to her age and relative lack of updated computer skills. Yeeesh. Well, I’ve been saying prayers and trying to help her any way I can (my sister is, too) so with any luck, something will come her way. She needs a job. Not just for the money, but for the people-interaction and activity to occupy her day. Please send good vibes, if you can spare ’em!

* I’m going to the Phoenix Pet Expo on Saturday with Hurley. It’s this huge event in the big Cardinals stadium in Glendale… I think it’s just a lot of products and crap, maybe some adoption groups, but I don’t know what to expect. All I know is it’s a big, free event you can bring your dog to, and I really am trying to take him places and keep him socialized as well as I can.

* I lost an earring. Not just any earring, but one of the pair I bought at Second Friday about two months ago– it was a handmade pair by an artist my sister knows. They were steampunk-ish little metal gears, and they were so cute and unique. I didn’t know one was gone until I was taking off my jewelry to get ready for bed one night last week. I have no clue where it could have been lost. I do still need to check my car thoroughly, because I know on that day, I was playing with my hair a lot as I drove (had the windows down, my hair was blowin’ around and I didn’t have a hair clip)… maybe the earring is under the seat someplace. I really hope so. If I’d lost it in the house, I totally would have seen or heard Simon playing with it by now. He has a way of finding every single thing that winds up in a place it doesn’t belong.

* This is a very mundane, boring post, isn’t it?

* Not one of my best. Not at all.

* I’m going to attend an information session next Saturday for Team in Training, a group that supports the Leukemia and Lymphoma Foundations, to find out about doing a half-marathon. I’d love to do a full marathon, but I have to be smart and realistic, my first time out. If I can even do it, at all… the sciatica is still bothering me every day, although I can keep it in check somewhat with regular stretching and walking, which I’ve been doing faithfully. Still… I want to do more. I want to be healthy and strong. Losing weight would be cool, too, of course, but the truth is I just want to feel great. And I would like to have a firm goal in mind, something with accountability and everything. I hope I can figure out how to do this. I believe I need to raise about $1,000 in donations or something to participate… shit. I can hardly raise $100 when I do stuff for animals. But maybe people will want to help people. And they will donate. I’ll see. The fundraising part of it really could wind up being my undoing. I hope not. I hope it’s feasible. I keep thinking about it and I’m kind of in love with the idea of running a half-marathon now (and who knows, maybe a whole marathon down the road).

* I’m psyched up for the Fringe finale this week. I’m reaching a point where I feel like this show is surpassing LOST for me, in terms of how much I love it. I know, that’s almost blasphemy for me! But it’s true. If people knew what I was supposed to be, I’d find a friend to dress up with so we could be Olivia and Fauxlivia for Halloween this year. Maybe even Bell-livia, if I wanted to get extra geeky. Nina Sharpe would be a good costume though, too. Also? I am getting a little crush on Lance Reddick.

He’s super stoic and never, ever cracks a smile (except when he is accidentally on LSD) but there’s something intriguing there and kind of hot. I can’t explain it. It could be the intense eyes. And the body. (When they show him in a tight t-shirt, which is practically never, wow.) Then again, I also love Joshua Jackson now, too. How can you not… Peter’s pretty cool. And Peter with Olivia is maybe the best pair of people on TV. (Well, I still love Sawyer and Juliet; Rose and Bernard; Desmond and Penny… but this is the best current couple.)

* I still hate my hair. It’s still boring as hell and I think I do want to get bangs again. Not super short ones or anything. Just something to break it up, make it not look so awful when I have it pulled up in a ponytail or twist. Right now I have long, sloppy-looking pseudo-bangs that fall down on either side of my face… on some people, this look can be cool, but on me, I feel a little like I looking like a sweatshop worker or something. You can’t feel confident and well put-together with hair like mine.

I feel like I look as though I work here:

Damn… I just looked hard at this picture and realized that the men are just standing back there, supervising while the women do all the labor.  Just look at those shitbags! I know that was the way it was Back Then(TM), but still. Ick! Thank God things have changed. If the men in my office just stood back and “supervised” in their expensive suits while the rest of us did the work in gunny-sack dresses and massive hair-buns, there would be an uprising. Umm, wait. I just thought about who is in charge around here, at the very top… maybe things haven’t changed all that much, after all. 😉


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  1. I would totally go as Nina Sharpe! I almost have the hair, though she wears a lot of long wool coats and those gloves. Here in AZ in October, its a bit hot for that.

  2. My cats used to LOVE playing with my earplugs! I had to start securing them inside my glasses case whenever I’d get up in the mornings, or I never could find them when I went to bed. They’d be batted all over the room somewhere…

  3. I have a little case I keep them in, and always put them in there right away so Simon can’t see or find them… taking the damn things out of my frickin’ ear, though?!?! What kind of nefarious, strange cat did I get?! 🙂

  4. I like your mundane posts! Damn, now I wish I was out there so I could dress up as Astrid. I’m getting really excited thinking about what I’d wear — lab apron, rubber gloves covered in fake goo & guts — and my hair is short and curly enough. And then I remember I’m not really going to do it and I’m mad. Boo.

    I’m so loyal to Lost, I feel like I’m cheating when I get all excited about Fringe. But it’s so, so good. I don’t think there’s ever been a truly bad episode. But as long as they don’t make me cry, I don’t think this show will surpass Lost in my mind. (And of course, just ’cause I said that, the finale’s going to make me all weepy.)

  5. That is the funniest thing about Simon! LOL

    Do you ever take Hurley to the Chapparal dog park? My dog is so anxious there, but I think it’s good for her to go every once in a while.

  6. Tammy, we usually go to Cosmo in Gilbert, because it’s closest to us. But I have been to Chapparal before, and it’s gotten pretty nice! It used to be just a dirt and trampled-grass field and now they’ve classed up the joint. Sometime I should take the drive over and see Hurley be un-social there, too. 😉 (He likes to hang out alone, or with me. Lame.)

  7. Our cats sit on our face when they want us to get up. Cat ass is not something I like to wake up to in the morning.

    I can’t wait to hear about the Pet Expo! And you mom’s interview. I will be praying for her too!

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