What’s the formal name for when you are racist against your own race?

Because sometimes, I think I am.

Here’s the thing: For pretty much my entire life, I’ve looked at fellow white people and thought WE LOOK LIKE ASSHOLES. Not always. Hey, lots of times, we’re fine. We’re good people, just like other people. But then there are the rest of “us” that make me want to scream.

Like conservative Republicans, who are, by and large, affluent whites.

Or crazy, soldier-funeral-protesting terrorists… also almost 100% white.

Rednecks. The bitches on Teen Mom. NASCAR.

And then, of course, the granddaddies of ALL shameful displays of dangerous whiteness: the Nazis. And Neo-Nazis.

The coverage of that wedding today, the one with the supremely-homely prince and the way-too-hot-for-him girl, was another example of what I hate about whites, when whites get together and celebrate their whiteness.

So much money was spent on that wedding. Those people have no political power whatsoever. And yet, we’re supposed to stop what we are doing and pay attention to their big, overdramatic and insanely tacky Big Day. Why? Seriously… WHY? Have you thought about that? I mean, really given it some thought about what the media and our culture is actively doing here by shoving this glamorous, romantic stuff down our throats?

I know we’ve all thought about this, from time to time, because we’re all intelligent people (dummies don’t read my blog– I have a filter to keep them out, ya know)… how come certain stories get glorified and yet others are forgotten or glossed over? Are the Powers That Be really trying to keep the masses distracted; keep us sedated with frivolous stories about whatever Lady Gaga’s latest stunt is, or who Jennifer Aniston is dating, or 24/7 coverage of a wedding? Yes. Of course they are. They have to be.

It’s really scary. We’re being trained not to care about the actual, important things that are going on in our world. Our schools are cutting programs to teach foreign languages. We have all this technology to carry information around the world, faster than ever, and we use it for TRASH. Pure trash.

I’m not saying I’m better than anyone, because I’m sure as hell guilty of following some of the trash, too. I’ve wasted just as many hours as anyone else on icanhascheezburger and Failblog. But it doesn’t mean I am proud of it, or glad that I am just another conditioned sheep. I’m not, at all.

I want to know more about the rest of this planet, damn it. I want to know about the overarching trends that are going to affect the very existence of our fucking SPECIES. I attended a presentation yesterday for work that was about the trends of the global economy for the next 20 years and it was frightening as hell. Everyone in that room was paying rapt attention, and the conversations afterward were animated and full of people trying to think of possible ways to slow the inevitable progression towards our extinction.

It’s not just something that scientists are throwing around to be outrageously alarmist. It’s real stuff. No one wants to talk or think about it, though, because it’s unpleasant.

The planet can’t sustain our population. Not at the current growth rate. As the economies of countries like China and India grow richer and their people’s life expectancies continue to rise, their people are going to want the trappings of the wealthy, Eastern way of life, too, which means (in basic terms) more cars and the luxury of eating more animal protein. Well, where are the resources to support that going to come from? We don’t have the WATER to support all of that for very long. Cows, pigs and chickens need water to grow the crops that will feed them. Lots of it. And cars? If you were to apply the per-capita rate of cars that we have in the US to the growing population of China, the CO2 emissions alone would overwhelm the environment. Where are we going to get the land mass to support all the additional crops and infrastructure required to sustain us in the future? Answer: we’re not going to find it. There will be no colony on the Moon, or whatever, because it’s not possible.

The only thing that could possibly save us is education and action. HARD actions. Things that people never want to talk about, because apparently humans are ordained by a supreme being to be more more important than any other kind of life on this planet…but they are realities that we need to face, sooner rather than later.

People have to stop breeding at such an alarming pace. Not sure how it can happen, but we have to try to change perceptions, on a worldwide scale. Again– I know how hard this would be. But it’s worth a shot.

We have to stop eating so much meat. Period.

The concerns of the future aren’t going to be about who wins the Space Race, or has the most weapons or the country that puts out the most meaningless movies in a year. It’s going to go back to the basics. People will be most concerned with finding food, water and being able to breathe clean air. That’s just a fact.

No one wants to give up their cushy, insulated way of life. I’d have a problem with it, because this is what I am used to and how I was raised. However, I’d do it if I knew I had no choice, because hell, what else are ya gonna do? We’re reaching the point where we are not going to have a choice.

How are people not freaking out about this?

Oh. RIGHT. They’re distracted.

By a designer wedding gown and pomp and circumstance, or any of the latest Superficial Stories of the Moment.

Hey, Powers That Be? How about we try this: How about you give the human race a little more credit, and allow us to confront the truths of the world around us? How about we VALUE EDUCATION? And we value HUMANITY, AS A WHOLE? Could it ever be possible, really, that the virtues extolled by Jesus Christ could *actually* be followed by the majority of Christians? Love your fellow man. Help those in need. You know, all of that unsexy, boring stuff.

I’m scared as hell for the future.

And for now, I would like my fellow whites to stop with the superior act. It’s shameful. White men still do think they run the world, and it’s fucked up. I’m sick and tired of it. I’m sick of shitbags like Glenn Beck. I’m sick of the white rich men working so hard to discredit the very legitimacy of the birth of our black president. I’m tired of being told the definition of beauty is blonde with blue eyes. I’m tired of us celebrating a family dynasty that has no relevance in the modern world. Do we celebrate the weddings of the descendants of the Roman Empire? How about the Mings? NO. WE DO NOT. They’re from a time that has passed. The world needs to get its priorities straight.

It’s totally gonna be Idiocracy someday. It really is.


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