Case closed


In the end, it didn’t take long at all for someone to see the great dog that I have been raving about all week. I just looked up the dog on the AC&C website, which I’ve been doing every day since he went up for adoption… and he was adopted this afternoon.

Not by me. ūüė¶

But to be¬†honest, it’s the best thing that could have happened. That dog did so well with little kids, for instance– when I walked him around the neighborhood, he wanted to go over to any kids that looked our way or said anything. There are no kids here. Hopefully he was adopted¬†by a family, because kids should be lucky enough to have a family dog like that when they are young. I know how lucky we were to have Buffy, Dobie and Sam when we grew up.

He could have been destructive in the house; he might have not gotten along with Simon once everyone was settled¬†in. There are a lot of maybes¬†and things that were on my mind that kept me fromgoing¬†down and adopting him, like I wanted to. I know there is a reason I didn’t adopt him. If it were meant¬†to be, I would have done it. I don’t know why things work out like this,¬†but I have learned to go with my gut. I had hesitation for some reason…like it was the universe’s way of saying “this is someone else’s dog”… does that make sense?

So, overall it’s a great ending to this story. He’s now neutered and licensed to his new family. That was the goal! One lesson intact male dog running loose on the streets. One more dog that has a chance at a better life. And this time, I didn’t spend any extra money (money I don’t have) on the dog. I just did the things I knew I was supposed to do, and that’s the simplest way to think about it.

Thank you for supporting me through this whole thing, by the way! I know I was all confused and upset all week, and reading your comments made me feel so much better. I thought of all the pros and cons and gave this very big decision lots of thought, which was what this situation demanded. Again, thanks.

It feels good to have this case closed.

Now. If I can just get the rest of the stray dogs to stay away from my front window for awhile; at least a few months…


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  1. I am so glad!! I have been sick about him because I knew Tom wanted to go look at him but there is no way I can have a dog now with the three stray putties AND veggie garden, plus indoor kitties. I didnt want to be why he was put down. We were even talking about paying you to feed him until we could take him. I am glad we didnt have to figure out where to keep him.

  2. That’s great news! I know on some level you’re disappointed, because he’d wormed his way into your heart, as dogs can do, but this is good news. Think of how hard it would have been if you’d had to relocate him after bringing him into your house. And now he has a forever family!

    I’m so much like you, I’m a total sucker for strays, particularly stray dogs, and each time we’ve temporarily housed one, I’ve found myself laying in bed at night, thinking about whether or not we could be a 3 dog family. I know it took a lot of strength to take him to The Pound, and I’m glad that your actions had such a good, positive result in the end.

    For now, you can just go back to enjoying the awesome dynamic you have with Simon and Hurley. ūüôā

  3. YAY! It’s a little sad, but very very good news for the dog. He sounds so awesome, I can’t believe his people never came looking for him. Now he’s somewhere he can be taken care of properly. You did the right thing for everyone involved.

  4. I’ve yet to take the remaining signs down in my neighborhood (a mixture between being busy and then, when I did have time, being too lazy) and it’s so interesting that there was not even ONE call on him. And no one came to the pound looking for him, either. I really do think he was dumped off in our neighborhood, maybe by someone who faced a foreclosure or couldn’t afford to feed him, etc… I don’t know. He was loved, at one point. Someone taught him all those commands. It’s a shame, but he’s so much better off now, clearly. I really am glad I found him and was able to help.

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