The joy of repeats


These days, when I download new music, I put it on the iPod and set the whole damn thing to shuffle. So that means I hear the new songs one at a time, not in order, and often I just skip past it. So stupid, right? Why download music if you’re not gonna listen to it? Sheesh.

But I downloaded the Lykke Li album Wounded Rhymes last week and it has been ALL I have listened to ever since! I love it.

Well, there are two other songs on there right now too, in my “Recently Added” playlist. They are Anne by Santogold, and Shape of My Heart by Noah & The Whale.

These songs together make the perfect soundtrack for me, right now. It’s been so cool listening to a full album, on repeat… I haven’t really done this since the days of CDs!

Oh, and I need to delete more stuff to put the entire Noah & the Whale album on here, too. For now I just have two songs on my iPod. I need a bigger iPod.

I don’t have much else to say right now, I guess. I’m waiting for my sister to get here so we can bake stuff for Easter. I’m watching my neighbor drink a beer in his driveway. Jerome is playing out in the kitchen. As of the end of the day today, I have edited 163 of 193 pages of my book. Just 30 more to go, and I can let my sister read the first 13 chapters! I’m so excited to hear what she thinks of what I have done.

Later! I think she’s here. 🙂

PS: Here’s an old favorite of mine– my letter home from Girl Scout Camp the summer of 1985! What a sourpuss brat.


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  1. I do like the Lykke Li. Thanks for the suggestion!
    I shall try the others too.

    aw, sad little camper.

  2. That letter is FANTASTIC. I am sure I sent home a very similar letter from my first (and last) experience at Girl Scout camp. God, I hated it there so much that it still burns. Anyway, it’s even funnier now to read it from the perspective of a parent; it’s just so incredibly dramatic. I love it.

  3. Glad you like the music! 🙂
    We baked some small chocolate cakes in a form-pan of different easter shapes. We didn’t have enough batter for two batches of the cakes, so we make cupcakes with the rest of it. Our Mom gave us an ancient cookbook from Hershey Park (1979!) that has a recipe for a chocolate glaze we always loved as kids. So we made that. It brings back lots of memories, and we can’t wait to eat them tomorrow!
    Christina, I know you and I have commiserated on our similar GS Camp experiences (I even posted these scans on my old blog once already)… but it really remains funny as hell now! I can only imagine my parents snickering and dying laughing when they got this letter in the mail. Oh, man.

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