Dumb dog, messing up everything.



So help me God… no one came forward to claim the dog in the three days the pound held him. As I predicted, they evaluated him and found him quite suitable for adoption, and now he is available. Anyone can go in there and adopt the guy.

Even me!

Honestly, I swear I am trying SO HARD to forget about him, and/or be absolutely practical and smart about this situation. I don’t need another dog. I truly am content with just Hurley and Simon. In fact, I love it like this. And yet, this dumb dog is in my head and I keep thinking about him. I wish I could sit by his cage and screen people who want to adopt him. I don’t want just anyone to get him. If I can’t have him, then only the very best person or family is allowed to. I really do care about this dog, way more than I should.

This sucks.

Well, I’m doing everything I can to do this properly. I’ve sent word out on FB and I made a flyer. Hopefully, he will be adopted and then he won’t be an option anymore for me. That would take care of the “problem” I’m having.

And yet I still want to find time to go down there after work and just adopt him, once and for all. He feels like he’s our dog; so, why not go and make it official? ARGH. I don’t even know anymore!!


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  1. *sigh* Might as well. The sucky part being paying for a dog that you already had… 😉

    How big/heavy do you think he is?

    I bet you even have a name picked out already- come on, do tell!

    I know, I know… I’m being Devil’s Advocate here. 😉

  2. My guess is he is at least 70 pounds. And actually, I don’t have a name picked out! Honestly! I didn’t want to let my head ‘go there’ so I never thought of names for him.

    And yes, I still don’t know that I *should* go there. GRRR! I’m so confused and unsure of what to do. I do know what I want to do and what I should do are two very different things.

  3. I don’t envy you in this situation at ALL. Part of me is thinking “oh, come on, he’s such a great dog, you can do this!” and then there’s the practical part of me, which is like, “No, no, no, you know this could be a costly decision.” Which is what you seem to be doing yourself, so why am I even commenting? I don’t know. But man, this is a tough one.

  4. Damn, all I was going to say is “don’t name him!” And don’t go down there. I mean, unless you can afford it — but no.

  5. Well, it’s Saturday. And he’s still there. They posted a photo of him from behind the kennel fencing and GULP, it’s killing me. I am probably annoying the crap out of people with my incessant “GO SEE THIS DOG!” business. It’s getting so hard to resist…

    Please say a prayer he is adopted really soon! (And not by me…!) Thanks!

  6. I have been trying to refrain from saying (but since it’s been a few days and this is still an issue, I will now say) “Ah, just do it. You were going to be a two-dog family not too long ago, anyway, and with no reservations. Just because he’s bigger doesn’t mean he’s going to cost more money than Sandy would have. He may or may not eat more, but the only time (that I know of) that vet care cost is based on an animal’s weight is spaying/neutering, and since you had planned to do that for him anyway and at the low-cost spay/neuter place, what’s the “con” side of this argument, anyway?”

    … though I am surprised that you hadn’t thought of a name. Usually that would be the deal-maker. Hmm…

  7. Actually, to echo Jen, I was thinking something similar — that just because he’s bigger doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll be more expensive. Also, there is evidence that suggests that mixed breed dogs are generally healthier than purebred dogs, and I can attest that this has been our experience. However, the other way that a larger dog is more expensive is if you ever need to board them. We avoid boarding our dogs because I’m never comfortable leaving them in a kennel type setting, but occasionally we have had to do it (like last year when we sold our old house before buying a new house and had to move in with my in-laws). And Tug is far more expensive to board than Kruker is. Usually the cut off is 55 lbs. It can also be harder to find someone to look after a larger dog, but that’s usually because of space limitations and people’s personal feelings about large dogs (we never had a problem asking my SIL to watch Kruker, but she’s always been timid around large dogs, and even though Tug is a sweetheart, she’s not totally comfortable around him). So that’s just an additional 2 cents — I agree with Jen, if you think you were potentially going to become a 2 dog family anyway, don’t let this big doofus’s size stop you from giving him a good home.

  8. Actually, almost more than the money situation, the thing I am scared of is having the dynamics between Hurley, Simon and I change. I realized how that could happen when Sandy was here, so I’m just really scared. I guess it’s not the end of the world if it just doesn’t work out and we end up with another Sandy (although I highly doubt that this dog has the issues Sandy had), I can always do my individualized re-homing thing like I did for Olive.

    Hurley and Simon just mean everything to me. I’m so unsure of what to do. It sucks.

    Oh, but THANK YOU SO MUCH for weighing in on this!! I totally appreciate your opinions because you’re both great examples of how multi-dog homes can function so well, and that larger dogs aren’t necessarily more trouble than Hurley-sized dogs. Hmmm… must ruminate some more…

  9. Let’s just say it: Sandy was a bitch. Olive wasn’t, but her health issues came at a time when you were stretched to your limit, anyway, and that put a strain on things. I don’t think adding another guy to your crew would be a problem. My relationship with Kansas didn’t change when we got Leo. It didn’t change when we added Airlie- I worried it would, but what was really going on was that Kansas was in pain from playing too hard with the little tyke. Once we started giving her her meds like we should have been all along, she was back to her old self. She wasn’t sulking like I worried she was, and she absolutely loves her little sister (as pointed out to me by my mom just yesterday). Our dogs don’t’ change- WE are the ones who change.

    And I love everything Christina said. Also I love having Christina around the blogs again!

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