Page count: 193


I’m psyched. I finally finished combining all of my separate chapter documents into one document. It took awhile because I wrote new stuff here and there, and then lost track of which numbered chapter it all belonged in, etc… but now, everything that I want to keep flows together in one cohesive Word file.



I’m not done, of course. There are a few more kinks to figure out, because now that it’s all together I can see a few places that need bridges to fix the flow. And I have to make sure that something I mentioned in an earlier chapter does, in fact, show up again correctly later on. It’s a lot of work, but it’s hard to call it work. I’m having fun with it!

Right now, the book has 13 chapters and is 193 pages long. And, it is 61,920 words at the moment. That’s a lot of words.

My guess is that it’s going to wind up around 30 chapters. I have much more to go with the story! I can always cut out stuff later on. For now, it’s just got to get out. I’m excited that now I have one document to work with, instead of 15+, not counting the notes files, the files of ‘cut’ text (I save EVERYTHING) and confusing file names. It’s been too hard to keep track of which chapters I’d updated and which I hadn’t when it came time to back stuff up.

I anticipate the story happening a lot quicker, now. Writing by chapter was an interesting experiment, but now it’s time to use common sense. One file is FINE. It’s perfect. After all, it all needed to come together at some point anyway.

I just had to share this news, because it’s kind of a big deal to me. I am working really hard to do this and be the writer I always say I want to be. It’s a great feeling to be going somewhere, at last. I feel more organized and ready to move along than I ever have before with this story!

Time to finish this monster of a book (first draft, anyway), once and for all. Here goes nothing…!


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