The right (but sad) thing to do


I took the dog to animal control yesterday. I tried to do it all day, and couldn’t muster up the courage to do it until about 3:30 or so. I was so confused. I wanted to keep him. I wish I could explain what exactly made this dog so different than many of the other stray animals I’ve helped*, but he was. I just LIKED HIM. His personality. And then Hurley liked him, and that was what made everything get all jacked up in the emotions department.

(* Except for Olive. She confused me, too, because I liked her personality so very much. I never meant to keep her, then I decided I would, and then I realized I wasn’t the right home for her and found her a better one… but yes. My point is it’s not everyday I feel the mental urge to KEEP, rather than GET IT OUT OF HERE.)

But, I know I did the right thing. Once I got my tears out and pulled myself together, strengthened by hard facts and common sense, I was able to do it and drive him down there. Everyone I talked to was very nice and helpful, though, and it wasn’t crowded at animal control b/c it was the end of the day. The dog will be held for 72 hours to see if his owners claim him. If they don’t, after the 72 hours he will be evaluated for adoptability. He will not have a problem passing that test, as they’re basically looking for aggression. He didn’t have even a slight issue with aggression. However, if he fails, or turns out to be very sick, he’ll go on the E-list. I highly doubt that will happen, now.

And then, on Thursday, he will be available for adoption. The kill rate at that shelter for healthy dogs is surprisingly low. Some dogs are on adoption-row for months and months until the right home comes along. That was encouraging to hear. So, while it was hard to hand him over back at the receiving area, I still know I did the right thing. If his owners do look for him there, they’ll be relieved to find him. And if they don’t show up, someone will want him. I just know it.

I might.

NO! I know, I can’t do it. How am I going to take on expenses for another dog? I know, I was gonna do it with Sandy, but she wasn’t as large and nutty as this guy was. Ehhh. I don’t know. Sometimes, the financial argument doesn’t add up in my heart–or even my head. Plus, there’s all the mess this dog would add (more fur floating around everywhere, slobber and drool issues on all the floors) and more dog-sitting issues if and when I travel and need people to watch two dogs, instead of just one.

I wish so much that he never came to my house, that I never got to know him and to like him. He annoyed me with how badly he wanted to get in the house with us, because he whined and jumped on the door like crazy, but I know why he did it… he just wanted to be where we were. Awww. Poor guy.

Anyway, that’s that with the stray dog situation. Funny how this stuff just happens, out of the blue like this. It changed my entire weekend.

But I did still do some good stuff. I hung out with my sister on Friday night and had some much-needed sister time. Saturday I spent the day working on refinishing three pieces of furniture, one of which was the second wooden chair I painted yellow. I posted pics on FB of that one. I also sanded down the surfaces on the antique coffee table and end table, did some minor repairs and then primed them both to get ready for the coats of glossy white paint I’ll be doing, soon.

I got drunk/buzzed on Saturday night while out at the bar for R’s birthday. I didn’t share it yet, but right before we left the restaurant I used the ladies’ room. And I apparently pulled my underwear up and over the back of my skirt, so my damn skirt was tucked in. D’OH! And I didn’t notice it either until about 10 minutes had passed, and I had walked through a crowded parking lot, past a bunch of people eating at outdoor tables, and into a Barnes & Noble. I realized the horror while browsing in the bargain section at B&N, and quickly fixed it. I wonder how many people noticed it and were laughing at drunk-me, wandering around all happy with her underwear showing. At least both the skirt and the underwear were black, full coverage. Yeeesh.


* 127 Hours. We finally watched this on Friday night. It was excellent. I knew it would be good, but it’s so cool how a movie about a guy stuck in one spot for so long could be so riveting and never-boring. It was done beautifully. James Franco became Aron Ralston… my sister and I both kind of forgot we were watching JF as the movie went on, because he just disappeared into that character so very well. It was tense and not an easy film to watch, by any means. The dreaded scene where you-know-what finally happens wasn’t as terrible as I’d expected, or heard. It’s still bad, of course. But everything else about him being stuck there with no one to help him, and no options for escape other than that… now that was what was hard to watch and harrowing as hell. Anyway, I highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. Don’t be scared off by the necessary gore. You can do it. And you should.

OK, back to work for me. Anyway, there it is. This was my blog post for today. I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you. (–The Management)


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  1. I wanted to keep him, too (yes, I meant to write it that way). And, you never know. Things might change. You just might go back and get him after a few days of mulling it over. Dogs don’t exactly have to cost more just because they are bigger. Not all of them need more exercise or more food. Most big dogs eat less than littler dogs because bigger dogs are actually less active than the little ones. Plus, if you’re feeding a quality food, you actually feed less of it which saves money over time, even if you pay more up front.

    I’m just sayin’. I mean, what an awesome dog! and this is the first time I’ve felt that way about any of the strays (or Sandy) that you’ve taken in.

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