Piecing it all together


It’s been an incredible week for my books! Right now, I’m going over what I have done in the past three days and I don’t mean to sound like a pompous a-hole, but I’m impressed. I have done a lot of work. Much more than usual, and there have been a couple of breakthroughs that pushed me past the parts of Zachary’s story that had me stuck. It took lots and lots of editing and moving a few things out that I’d written awhile back, but it’s actually coming together. It’s not such a mess anymore.

Right now I am trying to create one file. I had been writing by chapter, and it’s just not sustainable. I can’t keep renaming files as I re-order chapters, and keep the “alternate text” files straight. Nope. By tonight, I will have one, neat, easy-to-read document. The way it’s supposed to be, anyway.

I’m downright giddy when I am working on this stuff. Damn. This really is what I love doing, more than anything else! And seriously… if these books are never published, it really and honestly doesn’t matter. What matters is I got the stories out of my head, and I can read them over and over again when I want to. Because the best writing advice I ever heard was this: Write the book you want to read.

That’s all I am doing, and that is all I need to do. The rest is extra cherries on top of an already-great sundae.

So, when I haven’t been writing, I’ve watched a couple more movies and other stuff. Spray painting has been out of the question all week thanks to high winds, but maybe this weekend the air will be calm enough to give it a try.


* Princess and the Frog. I watched this the other night instead of Dead Snow, only because I was sitting down to start watching while I was eating dinner, and I didn’t feel in the mood to see guts and blood. I’d wanted to see Princess and the Frog in the theater, but it just never came together. Anyway, it’s been in my queue for a long time now… it’s never been the right time to watch it, I guess. But anyway, it was very cute. Tiana is a very refreshing Disney “princess”… even if the rest of the story is a little off. I can’t explain why it doesn’t resonate like the classics, like Beauty and the Beast. It was still entertaining and a lot of the songs were fun. I’m glad I finally watched it.

* Dead Snow. The next evening, I did watch Dead Snow. It’s a subtitled Norwegian movie, and it’s actually pretty good. I went into it expecting total B-movie crap, but instead it made me laugh out loud several times. Sure, some of the severed heads looked like paper mache. But that’s fun. Zombie Nazis are scary, but also incredibly satisfying as villians. It’s not as all-out fun as Shaun of the Dead or anything, but it’s still worth seeing if you like zombie stuff. It’s the hardest you will intentionally laugh at a Norwegian movie, maybe ever. Heh.

* 30 Rock. Last night’s episode was very special, because Kristen’s father had a tiny speaking part. He has been Tina Fey’s driver for several years now, and she’s treated him very well. Anyway, in the second season, he had a bit part as one of the teamsters in the episode about the good sandwiches. Now, last night, he appeared as a TGS stagehand who is making fun of Pete. Her Dad ran up onto the stage with a skullcap on, and did a little dance, saying, “Hey, bald bitch!” It. Was. AWESOMENESS. I had to rewind it about 5 times, I couldn’t get enough of it! He was hilarious, and it’s extra cool because that kind of is his personality. He always was a bit of a goofball, always willing to laugh and make people laugh. In 6th grade, Kristen had a Halloween party and he dressed like Dracula. He didn’t stop talking in a Dracula voice for the whole party; it was awesome. (My own Dad, funny as he is, would never have done something like that.) Man, I just have such wonderful, fun memories of Kristen and her whole family. Seeing him last night, on TV, being goofy, made me homesick and stupidly-happy all at once. I love them all so much.

And then, my scary Halloween mask–the one that’s a creepy baby doll face– appeared; a character playing a killer was wearing it during a movie-shoot. I’m amazed at how similar my brain is to the writers’ brains on that show. Clearly, they saw that mask in Spirit last fall, and knew it was too weird to go unutilized. Bravo!

* City of Bones. I am reading it now. Not very much, though. I’d rather be writing, this week. But at lunch, I still need to be reading, so this book it is. It’s not too bad so far. I’ve had this book for years now and I’m only getting to it now. Lately, I’ve been starting books and abandoning them like crazy. That’s why I can’t do much on Goodreads… nothing is getting read. Oh, well!

I need to get some work done here so I can leave on time today. All week, I’ve tried to do work-work, I really have, but… the books are calling. Loudly. I haven’t done a good job resisting the pull to work on my own stuff. But that’s not entirely a bad thing, of course! Still, I shouldn’t be doing it at work so much. My bad.

Here’s to a good weekend! And now, a random, funny video to take us all out.

“I’ve been desperate to come through, to thank you all for the lovely funeral what you’ve done on me.”


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  1. I am so glad you liked Dead Snow. I was pleasantly surprised at how much I laughed too. And that made it even more enjoyable for me. Hubby even liked it and he hates subtitled movies (say he can’t read fast enough)

    Yay for book progress! I can’t wait to read some of your new stuff.

  2. So many funny parts… I loved the guy who chainsawed off his arm after he was bitten, who then gets bitten in the nuts. Very clever, Dead Snow. And LOL-inducing. 🙂

    My goal is to get Zachary all done, and send it off to you and anyone else who wants to read it, because I’ll definitely need the feedback! While it’s fun writing for myself, it’s also fun to know other people liked it and/or what they didn’t like! Hee hee!

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