Hammy the Hamstring and Steampunk Zombies


Here’s what drives me crazy: when you are finally getting back into a regular habit of exercise, and you get hurt. Almost two weeks ago now, I pulled my left hamstring while I was jogging on the treadmill. It’s so stupid, I hesitate to even share how I did it, but since I have never shied away from telling the most embarrassing stuff here, I’ll say it: I pulled it because I was holding my breasts as I jogged.

I was doing this because I was wearing a bra that turned out to not be as supportive as I thought it’d be. So as I jogged, I felt the need to reach up and help stabilize them. Problem is, this also affected my jogging form, and I ended up feeling a bad pull in my leg and had to stop jogging.

Since then, I haven’t been able to get the pain to go away. In fact, it feels worse today. That’s because I did a load of yardwork yesterday, and I think I pulled it again; at least, enough to interrupt any healing that was already happening. Damn.

I’ve tried RICE. (Rest, ice, compression and elevation) Well, OK, not so much on the elevation part of that, because it’s hard to figure out how to rest comfortably with your leg up that high. I tried heat. I’ve been attempting easy stretches. I’ve gone walking during the day, just to keep the muscles moving, but I have not jogged or done anything strenuous. Last night, I finally used Icy Hot so I could fall asleep, and that did feel kind of nice…  but when I woke up, the pain was back.

I know that sitting all day isn’t helping. I’m honestly trying to be smart, and get up and move around as much as I can, and still it feels like I am not doing enough, somehow. Hmmm. It’s a challenge to figure out how to get this hamstring to get better, and do it the right way without straining the muscle further, by accident. (And long-term sitting IS a strain.)

So that’s my gripe about my hamstring. I’m done talking about that now.


Well, I’m happy to report that I did, in fact, get to see Your Highness on opening weekend. You know I’ve been waiting for this stupid movie for over a year now… and it was all I could have wanted. A totally kick-ass cast! Humor about medieval-movie stereotypes! Ridiculous characters (the little catepillar-old-man-wizard comes to mind)! Silly, raunchy jokes! Cute Franco being funny, which is his best look (dude needs to do comedy all the time, I think)! All in all, it was just a fun, escapist comedy and I’m so happy we saw it. I couldn’t wait.

It’s a little disappointing that the movie only premiered in SIXTH place this past weekend, because it might mean it won’t make much money and the creative team behind it won’t get as many opportunities to make more stupid movies… but we’ll see. Maybe DVD and overseas ticket sales will help.

Two old ladies walked out of the movie when we saw it. I wonder what they thought they were seeing. It always cracks me up when you see old, conservative-looking people sitting in movies like that, because 9 times out of 10, they’ll end up leaving in the first 20 minutes of the movie. Years ago, when I saw Clerks in the movies, an old couple left, angrily muttering about the horrible language as they went up the aisle. Some guy sitting behind us somewhere actually said, loud enough that they could probably hear him: “So why did you buy a ticket to Clerks?!” I always think of that. How could people not get even just a little bit of information about the movies they’re seeing, especially given how expensive tickets are? So dumb. So these people deserve to be mocked.

This weekend, I also finished watching all of Kyle XY. You know, it turned out to be pretty good. It was addictive, once it got going. And I love the character of Jessie XX… it made me want to write more of Zachary again, just for her and my character of Zoe. Anyway, everything is going fine with this show until season 3, episode 10. The show just STOPS. It’s awful! It’s maybe the worst ending to any series, ever, that I can think of. You can tell they were right in the middle of starting a new storyline, and then the network cancelled them and they never even got a chance to shoot even one more episode to do some kind of wrap-up, offer some kind of resolution. That’s such crap that a network would do that to a show. (Firefly and Veronica Mars also come to mind; what’s with all the good shows getting screwed like that, anyway?) Seriously though, I was pissed off. I think the writers of that show need to write a book, do a comic book, anything, just to finish the story. But since it’s been 2 years since it’s been off the air, it’s clearly not gonna happen. Which sucks. When a story doesn’t end, it’s… WRONG.

So because of that, I have to finally make the recommendation that you do NOT watch Kyle XY. You’ll just get angry. Because the show has some awesome characters, sweet storylines, and was generally just fun and then BLAM it just gets thrown off a cliff without warning. It’s better left unwatched, sadly.


I went to Mesa 2nd Friday again with my sister, and this month the theme was Sci-Fi and Steampunk… and ZOMBIES. It was really impressive! Neither of us are big on the steampunk fad, but I have to say I have a newfound respect for it after Friday.

Not only is it fascinatingly creative, because people who are into it create actual characters they become through costumes and gadgets they make, but the work that goes into this stuff is phenomenal. We saw gorgeous hand-made laser guns. Intricate, stylized costumes. One guy built a time portal with steam billowing from its frame, and you could pose for a picture in front of it. We talked to him and he said he made the portal as an integral prop for his student film, “The Portal.” We were really impressed with his craftsmanship and vision, and might keep an eye on him and his film, because maybe we can work with him sometime.

We also attended something called a Sci-fi Fashion Show. It was cool, because it was inside a funky brick theater and it was free. The costumes ranged from beautiful to sadly-tragic-funny, but it was fun. What a random thing to do on a Friday night. Watching people parading across a stage in homemade costumes as someone read the characters’ background stories over a microphone… you don’t get to do this everyday. I forgot my camera at home, which was such a shame. My sister got a couple of shots.

Overall, I wish we both had cameras, and that we took a lot more photos of the whole night. There was just so much to see.

I’m still in love with the idea that this event happens every month, in my own town. It seems like it’s getting just a little bit more popular each month, with more people and parking growing ever scarcer. The little shops and restaurants down there are doing so well, which rocks!! They’re all little independent shops, so to see the little guys making it and being part of such a cool atmosphere, it’s just awesome. I remember when that downtown area was pretty bland and dead. Not a whole lot ever went on down there. Now, though, it’s alive. It should be. There aren’t a whole lot of areas around here with older buildings from the 1940s and 50s. When we have them, they should be celebrated. (One of the worst parts of the AZ culture is the newness of everything. And new buildings and infrastructures are just not the same as old ones, no way, no how.)

I’m going to borrow a couple of shots from other people’s websites to show how cool it was down there on Friday night. And oh, I did mention there were zombies roaming around the streets, too, right? We’re lucky we got outta there alive.

(We loved the big bolt through this zombie’s arm!)

Steampunky memorabilia and finery.

Everyone was so happy!


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  1. a) woot on the Steampunk Friday and His Highness fronts
    b) The only thing I have found to stretch hammies is, well, stretching. Bending over and touching your toes; stretch hamstrings AND calves by putting your heel on a baseboard and leaning towards the wall, etc. Yeah, yardwork is a weird hamstring specific owieness. Pulling weeds, picking garden stuffs. I always ache after that but it does go away with a couple days of stretching. Be gentle wif yo bad self.

  2. I wish we had something like 2nd Fridays here. Well, they do first Fridays but it is just basically drinking downtown. Your festivities sound more like a street fair which is awesome. We will have to come visit around the time of one of them to experience it.

  3. It’s definitely a street fair atmosphere. In fact, I can’t recall seeing any drinking and/or drunks out and about down there, so maybe that’s why it’s so nice! Anyway, yes. Come during a 2nd Friday! Although preferably not a summer one, only because of the obvious HEAT issue. Still… It’s lots of fun!

  4. Oh, looky! another post I somehow missed! I am really slipping, I tell ya! So, how’s the hamstring? I’ve been meaning to invest in a foam roller (like they use in physical therapy) for a while now, for some of my sore spots. Maybe rolling your leg on one to massage the hamstrings and help break up any scar tissue would help you. Hmm… But, yeah, healing/recovery can take a while, so just keep doing what you’re doing with the ice/heat thing. Compression if it’s swelling, or just for extra support. Movement is good, too.

  5. Oh, I should update about this… I don’t think it’s my hamstring, after all. Sure, stretches feel great on that leg right now, but when I realized my flexibility has skyrocketed in both hamstrings over the past 2 weeks, thanks to all the stretching and attention I’ve given those muscles, it became clearer that maybe the problem wasn’t my hamstring.

    I think that my sciatic nerve is inflamed. Again.

    This is the same leg that has given me trouble since 5th grade, technically. And the one that about destroyed me freshman year of college (1993) when my disc finally ruptured and compressed the nerve. Anyway, I think all the sitting I do is the culprit, YET AGAIN. I have found two things to help relieve this nerve pain: 1) lie on my back with a pillow under my knees, and kind of tilt/ turn my left leg inwards at the hip. At the moment, my left leg falls outward at a dramatic angle when I lie on my back. The right foot points mostly-upwards, like normal– but the left lies almost flat off to the left. So I re-arrange everything and I’m trying to train the muscles to maybe pull back into a more normal position. I recall this being an issue back in 1993, too… and physical therapy always had me shifting over just a little while doing the exercises.
    The second thing that helps? Sitting up and turning my torso to the left. I feel a wonderful pop/crack and whatever is at the bottom of my spine there, around the problem disk, seems to slip back into place. The pain relief is almost instant. However, it only lasts a few hours. For now. I’m probably going to look into chiropractic treatment.

    I have a foam roller, and it IS pretty cool. Painful as hell, at first! But in that really good way of ‘having-a-sore-spot massaged’ so it’s definitely worth it. I use it on my outer thighs and then upper back.

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