Such great heights


Last night as I was watching TV, Simon just hopped right up on top of the highest piece of furniture in the entire house:

From the TV, to the white shelf (which has very little free space to allow a big cat to perch there), to the top of the cabinet. Just like that.

He was so pleased with himself; surveying the kingdom from his place on high.

Hurley seemed amused at the situation, too.

Even though Simon is clearly capable of hanging out near the ceiling (cue Lionel Richie), Hurley’s got an edge on him, always. Hurley gets to go places, out in the world. Parks, some stores, training classes, visits to his aunt’s house, etc… and of course, he recently got to hang with a giant-ass bronze pig.

Oh, yeah. What could be cooler than this?

(Don’t answer that, Hurley. I prefer you agree with my lame assessments of cool, thank you.)


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  1. It’s on Main St. in downtown Mesa! By the way, tomorrow night is 2nd Friday down there… I’m going to be there, as it’s my new favorite thing… but if you don’t have anything else going on, you should go! Gia would love it, too! 🙂 (Lots of kids, lots of dogs!)

  2. I LOVE that pig! I got my picture with it and even had Photo-Holly take a picture with it. 🙂

    We had to turn off our motion sensors for our alarm because the cats kept jumping from very high places and setting it off every day. Silly kitties.

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