The Hunger Games: Casting


Just a quick note to share the news that they cast Peeta and Gale.

Peeta: Josh Hutcherson

Gale: Liam Hemsworth

Who and who?

Oh, well. I did get my hopes up that Ben Barnes could have been cast as Gale, so now I am disappointed. And I think that Liam dude is Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend… someone on the comments on said so, anyway.

This is lame. I know, I sound like I am in high school when I say that. But that’s my honest, if-immature, reaction.

At least I do think Jennifer Lawrence will be a good Katniss, once her hair is dyed. She is a good actress.

I’m bummed. Nothing Ben Barnes-ish ever seems to get released here. Killing Bono opened last weekend – in Europe. We don’t even get the soundtrack here. I just want my eye candy, you know what I’m sayin’? DAMN.


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  1. Boo and Boo. I was rooting for Barnes too. Miley’s boyfriend is not-so-cute. And the other guy has no lips.
    Once again, another screwed up cast from Hollywood. This is why I don’t like movies of books I like, and also why I don’t like to see the singers of songs I like. They’re never cute, and then it ruins the songs for me.

  2. I’m all for unknowns or relative unknowns when casting things like this (well, except for Twilight, I had some lesser-known but still known folks I felt would have been a better fit). That way I don’t have any preconceived misconceptions.

  3. This confused me…they are playing the opposite parts of what I would think they would play due to their hair color. So I guess there will be hair dye involved???

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