Lights out, uh huh, dance dance dance!


This song is sooooo stuck in my head today:

OMG, remember this song?! 1984. We were so little! Hee.

The reason it’s in my head is because last night my electric went out for about 90 minutes. I initially thought it was just my house, but when I carefully made my way outside to go check the fusebox, I realized my entire street was dark. In fact… my entire neighborhood, as far as I could see, was having the outage. No streetlights, nothing. It was very eerie!

The odd thing is that there was no storm last night, no high winds or anything unusual. As I waited for the lights to come back on, I didn’t hear any sirens, either. So it probably wasn’t an accident someplace that knocked out a transformer. Well..what was it?

I wish I knew! Today, there has been no mention of any power outages on any of the local news websites, nor on the electric company’s webpage. I did try calling while I was driving on my lunch hour, but I was on hold for way too long and just gave up. (Granted, the nature of my call was pretty low level, so I guess that’s why I got put on hold as long as I did, but still. Boo.)

It was kind of neat, though, having a blackout for that long. It was pretty warm in the house last night, and without the ceiling fans it got hot, fast. I opened all the windows and a nice cross-breeze did come through, finally. I lit candles and kept my little flashlight that I use when walking Hurley in my jeans pocket. The nieghborhood was incredibly quiet, too. The only sounds were cars occasionally going up the street. The headlights would cast very obvious glares across the houses and trees, casting moving shadows of branches through the windows and onto my floor.

At one point, I wanted to go drive around and see how far the outage extended, and maybe stop at a Circle K and get some water, since my filtered water comes from my refrigerator… without electric, I had no drinking water. So weird! However, I overlooked one very big obstacle to driving anywhere: my electric garage door. Yeah. My car was effectively trapped. Now I want to try to find out how one would override the electric controls in an emergency–if it is even possible.

When I finally decided to just give in and go to bed, I brushed my teeth and washed my face by candlelight, which was cool in itself. I stretched out on my bed, Hurley by my side, and drifted off to sleep. I jerked awake at 11pm, when the electric came back on. I’d made sure to turn everything off so when the power returned, I wouldn’t have a sudden surge of lights and everything. But I still heard it come on, and my alarm clock lit back up again.

By the way, when the power went out, I had been writing on my laptop. I’m so glad I was using that, and not my office PC! The computer stayed on thanks to its battery. I might have lost the last couple of paragraphs I’d been working on, if it had been. (I am getting better at doing frequent-saves to my work, in general. I used to only save when I was finished working! Now I do it about every 10 minutes, or less if I write a whole mess of stuff. You never can tell when it can all power-down and BLAM. Shit outta luck.)

I don’t know. Power outages can be nice sometimes. It definitely settled me down before bed, not having any lights or appliances humming away. As long as the outages don’t happen in the dead-middle of summer, I’m fine about it. Since we’re due to hit 98 degrees tomorrow here, maybe I should hurry up and check into that emergency-override thing for the garage door now. Just in case. I need to be prepared.

Forget staying gold, Ponyboy. Actually, the important thing is to stay cool!


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  1. I haven’t had a good power outage in a long while. They used to be my favorite parts of summers in New England. That feeling of electricity in the air, the fresh smell after rain and no power to distract you from Nature’s beauty. So cool! I think I need to adopt electricity free days every once and awhile. We have become too dependent on it.

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