It’s the Mexican polka, everyone! Close the windows!


Some new neighbors moved into the house that’s two houses over, behind mine. I was on my patio Sunday night, assembling my new patio furniture, and they began blasting their music.

Clearly, the new neighbors are Mexican.

I simply don’t understand why some cultures are really into playing their music super-loud, and why others keep it down. I was feeling so white as I listened to the repetitious ranchero music echoing off the brick walls and nearby houses, thinking how each song truly sounded identical to the last one. Does white-people-music sound repetitious to other cultures? Maybe they don’t know, because we tend to listen with the car windows up and the volume ‘at a reasonable level.’ White people seem almost ashamed of their music in comparison to other people.

The longer I listened, the more the ranchero music began to sound like German polka music.

What could be more different? And yet, if you think about it, the music is almost the same. Lots of accordion, lots of repetition of the same beat.

I think there should be a German-Mexican Dance Party show on TV. Like Dancing With the Stars, only with each dancing couple being made up of one German, and one Mexican. It would show how even though these are two very different cultures, they really are very similar. But then, every episode would end when loud fights break out. “We’re just too different to ‘all just get along.'”

Here’s some German music that sounds like ranchero music:

And here is some ranchero music that sounds like German polka:

The main point of this is that I don’t want to hear loud ranchero music OR loud German polka music playing in my neighborhood at 8pm on a Sunday night.

It’s just too damn goofy-sounding!


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  1. Polka originated in Mexico. It was taken back to Europe later. I watched a PBS show about it. And lets be honest, every European country has Polka except England.

  2. Look at you, with your impressive cache of FACTS. And I hate being honest about the polka. [And do *not* bring up the foxtrot. You don’t want to know how I feel about that god-forsaken demon-dance, after the foxtrot killed my entire family.]

  3. Oh, God. This is my weekend EVERY weekend. It’s bad enough they’re up before daylight loading their trucks with all of their lawn-care equipment, or cutting all of the neighbors’ lawns before 8am, but then they spend EVERY FREAKIN’ WEEKEND blaring this music! Friday evening. Saturday evening. Sunday evening. Til well past 11pm. WTF happened to city noise ordinances and HOAs?! Jesus freakin’ Christ, go back to Mexico or turn the volume down.

    I mean, they have kids, too, so Sunday night is a school night. It’s like they think they own the whole block!

  4. Oh do I have a link for you! This is what we watch in the Control Room when we need a good laugh:

    I don’t get the blasting of music in your car so hard your windows rattle. And it is never music I want to hear at that level. Or any level for that matter.

    Isn’t there someone to call when it is late at night. I used to remember police showing up to parties that were too loud when I was in college. Did that practice go away?

  5. slightly xenophobic? anyone who mows lawns in the morn would be making noise! and, yes, white people music ALL SOUNDS THE SAME – tuneless, simplistic, rhythmless, pitch-less

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