Used chairs, geeking out, and pork to Japan


I knew that my wanderings in the Goodwill store would pay off eventually! I always check out the furniture in case there’s ever anything that would be cool to refinish, and I haven’t had much luck. (Full disclosure: it’s not like I went to Goodwill on a regular basis or anything; I think it averages out to once every two or three months.) Today, I found a big wicker patio chair for $9.99! And a brand-new scratching post for Simon, who really needs one since he’s whittled his post down to the staples.

I’m excited about the chair because, as you know, I have wanted a chair to relax in on my back porch for awhile now. I’m most likely going to spray paint this one since it is a little worn looking on the surface, even though the chair itself is in good shape. Colors I am considering: black, red, pale yellow, the turquoise/peacock blue color I might do as trim when I finally paint the outside of my house… I can’t decide. And frankly, I am preoccupied with thoughts like this, at the moment. I hate when I get stuck in a mental loop of thinking-about-paint-colors.

I’m working on Doing Stuff With People, too. Last night I hung out with my friend Lindsey, who I haven’t seen in about two years or so. It turns out she lives not far from me– she lives next to the park I take Hurley to all the time. We’re going to get together more often. I also plan to go to her church very soon to check it out. Possibly as soon as this Sunday, as long as I get my ass in gear early enough.

Tonight I am going to a Toad the Wet Sprocket concert with R. She had an extra ticket and since the show is at one of my favorite venues, I thought it could be a fun experience. Getting out! Mingling with strangers! Wonderful!

Ha ha… I typed “mingling with stranglers!” first. Thanks, but no thanks on that one. I kind of hate being choked to death.

Also: I joined my first Meet-up group since I dropped out of the screenwriting one three years ago. The one I joined is called NERDS and it’s for people who like nerdy stuff, appropriately enough. I hope to go to one of their upcoming events within the next couple of weeks. They’re doing one at Second Friday, and I’ll be there anyway, so that will be cool!

And finally, I am going to have people over to hang out. I never do this. I don’t know why, except for that pesky loner-thing I have going on. I just want friends to come chill on my back porch with me, and we can talk and laugh about who-cares-what. I realized I don’t need to throw a full-out party every time I have someone over. I can keep it low key and easy. I’m excited to do this and let people actually see my damn house.

More random stuff!

* So, Demetri Martin is doing a contest for anyone who pre-orders his book. You have to email the receipt that you pre-ordered it to him, and he’ll pick someone to go to dinner with. He will fly to whatever city the person lives in, and will go out to dinner with the winner. (He’s specified “no creepy stuff” which is nice.) Anyway, I pre-ordered the book, and entered. How awesome would that be if I won? I’d tell my grandkids about it.

* Using the treadmill in the morning before work is great. The problem is twofold: One, it can be hard to drag my ass out of bed to do it in time. Two: Once I do use the treadmill, I have tended to waste time after that by taking my time to shower and get ready. I’m talking more time than usual. It’s weird. You’d think I’d be energized and moving along like a squirrel monkey on speed. Not so much. I have been a little late to work twice this week now. Fortunately, no one cares since I make the time up at the end of the day.

* Simon found my flash drive that contains the master drafts of my books. Thank God I found HIM, with the flash drive in his mouth, before he could do any damage to the thing. Can you imagine? I have a backup drive, but I really need to update it with stuff from the past two weeks… I would have lost some good work on the new story! That little monster. Oh, and he took it out of my purse.

* And yes: Simon recently discovered the wonder that is my purse. I have to find new places to stash it, because he raids that thing and carries items all over the house, which is so not cool of him. He especially likes my pens and packs of gum.

* Hurley had sap in his fur yesterday. And I have no idea where the hell he picked it up. It was in the yard, somewhere…that much I know. But I checked the trees and none of them are leaking sap. Could it be the wood in the posts on my back porch, or the wood in the RV gate? I know sometimes sap can come out of things that are made of wood. Yuck. What a frickin’ mess. It ruined his new grooming-job, for one thing. And I had to cut a lot of it out when washing/combing it out didn’t work. Again: How did he find SAP?!

* My current favorite TV show has been renewed for a 4th season: Fringe! I’m psyched. I think more people are beginning to discover it. And that’s cool. Hell, I didn’t start watching Buffy until Season 3. And LOST until Season 3, too. I went back and caught up on DVDs. I highly suggest you try this, if you haven’t already been a faithful viewer, but want to check it out. I promise it will NOT “make your brain hurt” in the way that LOST did for some people. It’s still smart and nerdy TV, but it’s highly accessible and well-written.

* I ordered the Ron Swanson Pyramid of Greatness poster, finally. It’s going on my cubicle wall, of COURSE!

* Geeking out big time with the possibility that Ben Barnes could be cast as Gale in The Hunger Games. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, of course. He is kind of old. But still, to see him in a big movie other people might like, as a character people love? Awesome! Entertainment Weekly did a reader poll on its site last week for who should play Peeta and Gale, and BB is the top choice for Gale, by a long shot. That was so cool. Good for him. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

* In writing my Japan article, I came across this list from the U.S. Int’l Trade Commission: Here are the top imports into Japan from the U.S.:

1) Civilian aircraft including parts

2) Yellow corn

3) Soybeans

4) Artificial human body parts and related accessories

5) Fresh or chilled pork, unprocessed

6) Medications for retail sale

7) Frozen pork, processed

8) Silicon

9) Wheat

10) Semiconductor mfg. machines.

OK… quick: What jumps out at you from that list?

All the artificial human body parts and pork, right?

I’ve been mentally stuck on this all day. I don’t know why this amuses me and scares me at the same time.

See, and now YOU have learned something today. You’re so welcome. 🙂


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  1. Can you use vegetable oil on sap, the way you would other sticky things?

    Why is the dang government subsidizing so much corn and soybeans if we’re getting it from Japan?

    Yay! for a new friend to go to that park with and not feel lonely!

    One of our cats ruined the flash drive DH kept all of his financial records on. Everything for the last 5 years- GONE- because he continues to leave his shit out where the animals can get to it. I mean, really, you leave a little plastic thingy on top of the table when you KNOW a certain cat gets up there and knocks all the pencils he also leaves up there onto the floor to play with and then you get mad at the cat? How many years have I been telling him to pick up his stuff and put it away? Yeah. She disassembled the entire thing, then placed a big ol’ tooth mark right through the chip. And that was that. He was so mad he actually threw what little furniture we have all over the place. Not that it was anybody’s fault but his own… Tally of things the pets have ruined because Kevin didn’t put them away: one flip-flop (his, I don’t wear them), one pair of glasses (also his), one flash drive, several near-misses with the remote controls…

    Keep doing the treadmill thing, just get to bed on time and get up a little bit earlier so you can enjoy a decent shower.

  2. No… we’re sending this stuff TO Japan. They don’t have the land area to do as much farming as their population/market requires.

    Simon goes through phases with stuff. For awhile he was into clawing the curtains. Now it’s raiding my purse and makeup bag. I’ve had to change up my routines, but other than that, I am so lucky because he’s really a very well-behaved cat. He doesn’t destroy stuff… he just carries it around and bats it across the floor. I’m very grateful I got a ‘good one,’ believe me! 🙂

  3. PS: I’m cracking up at the little smiley-face next to “silicon.” That’s what happens when you type an 8 with a ) after it, I guess! Sunglasses. Pretty funny. I could edit it, but it’s kind of funny this way.

  4. I vote for Red as the color for your chair. I am partial to red chairs. 🙂

    What is it with cats and bags? I need to hang my purse up high or I will find its contents all over the place. And they want to play with the silliest things. My girls recently took to playing with our remote for our ceiling fans. Odd.

    I am pulling for BB to play Gael. I think he would be awesome in that role!

    I wish I could come over and hang out on your porch on a regular basis. It’s a great porch! 🙂

  5. Barry has discovered the wonder that is my purse, but I don’t keep it where he can get to it. Otherwise, shit would be all OVER the place.

    I can’t get past “Artificial human body parts and related accessories.” What the hell is a human body part accessory? Do I even want to know? I’m imagining like a little stand you put your prosthetic foot on when you’re in bed. Hell, I don’t know.

    I vote TURQUOISE for the chair. If I had my own place, something would definitely be getting painted that color.

  6. I have the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness on my cubicle wall too! Now I will not only laugh every time I look at it, but also think of you 🙂

    I also suggest turquoise for the chair color!

  7. I still haven’t decided on a chair color! What a silly jerk I am. Heh.

    These cats and their bag-obsessions… I don’t know what we’re all gonna do. They’re affecting our whole lives! Soon I’ll be forced to have little private lockers all over town where I can stash the stuff I need, because my bag has been so thoroughly compromised.

    Nah… as of this writing, knock on wood, Simon has already laid off the purse-raids. That’s because he has a new scratching post to occupy him.

    Artificial body parts and accessories– no idea what they could be, either, but I love your potential explanation, Fraulein. In my mind, the stand for the fake foot could be very ornate, or solid and contemporary in design; the possibilities are endless. IKEA should have a fake leg stand in their inventory. FAHKLEGG can be its name.

    I just cracked myself up with that. I think it’s time to make a list of fictional products with IKEA names. Yup.

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