Yes, it’s another Ben Barnes post.


Amanda reminded me of Ben Barnes on her last comment; and because of that, I felt like looking at my collection of pictures again. I think I’ve told you guys that I haven’t seen all that many movies with him because there just aren’t enough, yet. Or they are never released in the US (which looks to be the case with his new movie, Killing Bono… no word on any US distribution, so it’s Dorian Gray all over again, sigh).

I got into him just from photos online. That’s really it. So, over the years, I’ve collected a lot of photos because they’re fun for me to look at. Why is it that no one thinks he’s good looking? I don’t understand that, because to me, this is exactly what I like in a guy, physically-speaking. I might be weird, or something. Some people online even go so far as to call him ugly. I definitely don’t get it. Unless, it really is that I have odd taste in guys. (Which could be very true. Some of you know what some of my past exes have looked like, and well… yeah… let’s just say my taste often ran a little questionable.)

And so, here’s more gratuitous photos. He recently cut his hair to be in a West End play, Birdsong. I hope he grows it out again; I think he will.

Here’s a trailer for Killing Bono, just because. Why not. No one else is going to post it.


And, I can’t help but share this, too. Just another fan-made video for Dorian Gray. I also like the song.

Thanks for letting me do yet another post about this guy. Damn. It occurs to me that I really could use a good fuck. Yeah, I said it.


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  1. He is pretty cute but you know me. I like pasty, not swarthy or usually dark eyes, unless they are Japanese, Korean or Hindi.

  2. You’re picky! Nah, just kidding. I do love me some Asian men, too, though. Dark is kind of my thing.
    It works out good for you and I, because you can have the pasty ones and I can have the dark ones. Anyone in-between we can sort out accordingly. Or send them away! “Come back when yer hot!” 😉

  3. Eh, he’s cute enough. I’m not a fan of long hair on guys, but he’s cute in that second picture. Maybe because he’s smiling.

  4. 🙂

    Things I’ve heard people say about him: “he’s the poor woman’s Orlando Bloom”… “he looks like he wants to be Keanu Reeves”… “weird nose and butt chin”…

    I shake my head because I don’t see any of that. But, on the other hand, how many times have a made mean comments about the thousand OTHER actors out there that I don’t personally find attractive? A lot. To each, her own. I get it. Just don’t get me started on the male actors with Date-Rape Face(TM). I’ve got a list.

  5. I do think he is handsome. He grows on you, The more times I see him the more I like him. I think I have now rewatched Dorian Grey about four times. 🙂

    Did you hear he is being considered for Gael???? Woo hoo!!

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