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Bulleted-list time!

* On Friday, I went with my sister and BIL to Mesa 2nd Friday, and it was a lot of fun, again. The only thing was we went a little too late in the night so things started closing up faster than we would have liked, but overall it was still great to be there, walking around and exploring.

* Like last month, I had to buy a couple of things. I got some cool handmade metal earrings and two tiny original paintings. One is Abe Lincoln as a bearded lady, and the other is of a bassett hound. I’ll take a photo because these are adorable paintings. You’ll see.

* The white noise machine keeps going on and off at work, and it’s very disconcerting. It’s weird to suddenly hear people opening a can of soda at the other end of the building, and knowing that everyone can hear your phone conversations. I never realized just how much I need that white noise machine. Many of us are freaking out right about now without it.

* On Saturday, my sister and I met up with our friend Heather from Tucson. She was passing through PHX on her way to meeting her boyfriend in Las Vegas, so we had lunch with her. She’s so hilarious. We sat in the corner of this mexican restaurant, probably laughing really loud and making people upset if they happened to overhear some of the things we were saying. Very little of it was politically-correct. Or normal. I LOVED IT. I wish she would move to Phoenix so we could hang out a lot more! But hell, at least she’s in AZ. (I know her from church youth group and school.)

* We went to a little potluck dinner on Saturday night. I made a tossed salad and tried a salad dressing I’ve always been curious about: Briannas Blush Wine Vinaigrette Salad Dressing. It was quite delicious. It’s more expensive than what I normally buy, but I just might be hooked now. I still need to find some good recipes for TANGY balsamic vinigrette and French dressings so I can try to make something that replicates the restaurant dressings I like so much, but cannot buy anywhere.

* Yesterday I got dressed to go hiking. One of the things I needed to do before I left was pick up dog crap in the backyard, so I went out to do that. I began pulling some weeds. Then, some more… I ended up spending about 3 hours out there, weeding and then racking all the gravel and sweeping off the porch. It looks great now, which is nice. But it wore me out and I was in no shape to go hiking after that. I got a terrible headache and used the neti pot to try to clean out my sinuses, because I was thinking I breathed in a lot of dust and pollen while I was out in the yard. It helped at first, but I realized that water was trapped in my eustachian tubes again (or I just had inflammation from whatever is mucking up my sinuses lately)… both ears, this time. I spent last night with a killer headache and pain/itching in my ears. It made sleeping very difficult. I woke up a bunch of times. I hate this crap. I didn’t take migraine medicine b/c I don’t think it was a migraine.

* Or, it IS a migraine, because I still have the headache and ear pain. It’s now 11:30am, so soon I’ll be feeling crappy like this for 24 hours. This sucks, man. I have things to do, and those things require me to focus on either a computer screen or a piece of paper and sadly, my eyes and sinuses are being uncooperative. I want the pain to go away. Not sure what I can do for it, though. OTC cold and allergy medicines don’t seem to do shit for me. And the neti pot can only do so much, and besides, with the water/inflammation in my ears now, I’m not all that excited to do it again right now. I’m debating going to the doctor this afternoon. I’ll just go to one of those Walgreen’s Take Care Clinics again, because it’s the fastest. (My regular doctor is sooooo slow and I don’t feel like dealing with him and his slow staff today.)

* I’ve gotten some work done on my new book, but it’s all been in longhand. So I either need to scan it in (yeah, right!) or type it up so I can share it. I’ve got this first scene written in first person and then again in third person and I want to figure out which is the best way to do this story. I know I talked about this already last week. But I am really, REALLY not sure! I love 1st person and it’s easier to do. But this character might be better served by 3rd character narrative; plus, I can’t be sure, but it might be possible I’ll slip into Zachary’s voice just a little bit if I am not careful while writing 1st person. Only because it’s a habit. Anyway, I will hopefully get this typed soon so I can have some of you read it and help me figure out what to do. It’s such a basic thing, and yet it’s so important if I am going to go any further. I can’t exactly write the book two different ways, simultaneously.

* Hurley must go to the groomers this week. The situation is growing dire. I can only do so much on my own, it turns out. Poor little guy. Sheltie coats are INSANE. I wish he could magically have a naturally short coat, for his sake. He can seem so uncomfortable sometimes when his own nails and teeth get caught in his fur. Or when the cat gets stuck in there. It happens! Anyway, we might be going for that adorable puppy cut sooner rather than later. 🙂

* I’ve got to write a quick article about Japan’s supply chain. The issue is, there is SO MUCH that we could hit on, so many different angles and areas we could cover. I need to decide, relatively quickly, on what to do. It’s such a terrible, huge story. I don’t know how I seem to always end up with the tricky, delicate articles, but I heard myself volunteering to do it in the meeting this morning, so it’s my own fault. I have my fingers crossed I can sort this out today and know what I am doing, who I am interviewing, etc. Lots of work ahead of me on this one.

* Wow, it’s already time for lunch. This morning is going by very fast, with very little to show for it. Grrr. Today had better get better.

* I want to see Red Riding Hood. I don’t care if it sucks. It has a cool look to it, and I heard some of the score/soundtrack and I liked it. This week I’ll probably go with my sister to see it if we can figure out when to go. Yay! Movies. It’s still odd that I have cut back so much on going to the movies, when I used to go at least twice a month a couple years ago. It was my main ‘going out’ activity. But then again, TV has gotten so great in terms of quality storytelling… I haven’t missed the movies as much as I’d expected, in retrospect. I still have Friday’s new episode of Fringe to watch, probably tonight. I save it for a time when I can savor it. I’m a nerd.


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  1. Quite a lot in this post. 🙂

    I don’t go to the movies hardly at all anymore unless it is something I really HAVE to see in the theatre. Or I go to the dollar theatre. I just can’t afford it any more. Red Riding Hood does look good.

    Speaking of movies, I thought of you last night while flipping through my streaming Netflix movies. I saw Dorian Grey and clicked on it to scan quickly to my favorite parts. Most of the times where BB had his shirt off. 🙂

    I can’t wait to see Hurley’s new cut! And yay for writing your new story!

  2. It’s definitely too expensive to go to the movies, that’s so true. And it’s much easier to watch at home, if I can be patient and wait. And more and more, I can wait. It’s not often that a movie comes out that I’m like “I HAVE TO see that in the theater.” The next movie like that is “Your Highness.” I can’t wait for that ridiculous movie!
    Oh, yes. And thank you for reminding me of BB again. Indeed. 😉 I just wrote a whole post about him. I’m so ‘tarded.
    Hurley will look awesome with his shorter hair. He had this cut last summer, too, and I loved it. I think he might like it too. He looks so much smaller and neater!
    New story, new story! I should be posting some stuff tomorrow, finally. So psyched!

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