A chillaxe to the head


That title has little to do with this post. It’s just that when I hear people say that word,”chillax” I want to hurt them. It’s not a cool, witty word. It’s just what douchebags say all the time. Why aspire to be as the douchebags, I ask. Be a good, normal person. And threaten to strike an axe into the head of anyone who is otherwise. Words to live by, people.

It’s the weekend, which is usually a big YAHOO! but I have to do a lot of work this weekend on two articles that are due Monday. I loathe doing work-writing on the weekends, but it’s what’s gotta happen in this case. Bleh. Maybe I will make cupcakes. Maybe I will find the Girl Scouts, who continue to elude me as I hunt for Thin Mints. Point is: maybe I will self-comfort with sweet foods this weekend as I work. Hey, I’m not proud of it. But I am being honest about what’s likely to go down.

I got inspired last night when we went to BIL’s film festival showcase. There were many very creative and fun films (in case you don’t know, it was for a 48-hour film challenge. Teams had 2 days to come up with a concept, write the script, shoot it and edit it and deliver it to the judges. This means no sleeping, usually. I admire the people who attempt this! It seems like the tight time constraints really force out cool, creative things in people.) and there were also many kinda-terrible films. Fortunately for everyone, BIL’s two films were among the very best. I say that from an objective viewpoint, too. They were well-written, well-acted and hilarious. (The two films actually tied together, which was a cool surprise I didn’t see coming.) The audience was laughing so loud and clapping and “wooo!”-ing the hell out of his films so it seemed like they could be contenders for some of the competition prizes given out that night.

Instead, they got totally shut out. It was kind of shocking, to be honest. They awarded the top 3 comedies of the night (a total of 20 films were shown) and neither of BIL’s films were named. They didn’t get the acting-ensemble award, either, which they really should have. The team that did get it was in one of the very worst films of the evening, in my opinion. Just four people, sitting around a table, talking about what to do for their 48 film challenge film. How meta. How very predictable, lame and dull to watch. How those people could be rewarded for THAT was a complete mystery to me.

Oh, well. It’s not about the awards. I know. But still… I find myself kind of ticked off at the strange choices made by the judges overall. Because some of those films, man… I swear that they were terrible. Like, no discernible storyline, or very poorly shot or edited; and awful actors, in many cases.

The important thing about attending that showcase last night was that it got me inspired to take part in the next 48 hour challenge… with my sister. See, there were only two women among the 20 team leaders that made it to the top– one director and one writer. Every single other person up there was a guy; many of them were carbon-copy, local-filmmaker type geeks that were congratulating each other over Star Wars and Star Trek references and crap like that.

It needs more women.

Women with a goddamn sense of HUMOR, at that.

My sister and I have lots of ideas for stupid movies that would make us laugh. So, why not do something with some of those concepts and ideas? Maybe they’d make other people laugh, too. It would be fun to find out.

I really think we are going to take part in the next challenge. I’ve never done anything like that before (my sister did one, a few years ago, with BIL and some friends) and I believe it will be good for me. Get me outta my frickin comfort zone, yaknowwhatI’msayin’? Yeah. Really!

Well, it’s time to go home now. So, take care, God bless, and don’t step in any dog shit!


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  1. That will be awesome if you and your sister do the next challenge! You guys would rock it!

    I’ll keep my eyes open for Girl Scout cookies this weekend. I think Gia has hinted that she would like me to buy her some Thin Mints.

    Yep. Chillax. Hate it! Just as much as I hate “Whatevs”. Some certain ex-husband likes to use words like that. I have vowed that the next time he says “Whatevs”, I’m going to repeat and enunciate….whatEVERRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!

    Sorry. You hit a nerve with that one!

  2. Do it! Sounds like an awesome idea. And heck, maybe if I have enough notice I can take time off and come help you. 🙂

    I wonder if the judging was rigged, like they knew the entrants. Because it sounds like the films the audience liked didn’t get picked. Stupid judges, what do they know any way? I would write and complain because that is bull. Award talent and good films, not your friends!

    Chillax, Whatevs, and No Worries drive me INSANE!!!! I wish we could erase them from our vernacular. And if one more person says “Winning” or “Tiger’s Blood” to me I am going to punch them in the face.

  3. I hate that word, too- and also “yummo”, “guac”, “mayo”, “hammies” (the worst one, second only to “yummo”), “bis/tris”… pretty much any word that gets abbreviated when it shouldn’t be.

  4. Years ago, I bought a scarf at a consignment store and the gay clerk looked at it as he was ringing me up and said, “This is SO presh.” Precious. I almost choked. I never heard that again, ever… but I always think of it whenever a conversation like this comes up. It still makes me laugh!

  5. I just had to comment here again….to vent. I really need to vent.

    Had a text convo (conversation) with my ex yesterday. I asked him if he could return something of mine the next time I saw him. He responded:


    I texted back: ??????

    He said: That’s short for “totally”. 🙂

    Going back and forth he told me it’s a thing his friend says. I told him “It’s also a 15-year-old thing”

    He said, “What? I never heard that 15 years ago.”


    Is it just me? Ugh!

  6. Oh, no! That’s an awful one. Totes? As in totebags? That’s what I think of. Or wasn’t that a brand of umbrella or something…?
    “I never heard that 15 years ago”… bwah ha ha ha! Well, that goes to show you why it’s better he’s an ex, right?
    On a sidenote, I remember a friend from theater calling someone “Totes McScrotes” when that person said “totes” one time. Hey, you open yourself up to mockery at times like that. People should know better!

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