Please to have a comfy chair?


This will be a nice little random-list blog post. Because my brain is operating in that general format today, anyway.

* I want a comfortable, outdoor chair for my back porch. I have five wooden chairs, but they’re not very comfortable (straight-backed) and one crappy chaise lounge. The chaise is too low to the ground for my liking, and I can really only use it if I am going to lay out and tan. Which I really never do. But that’s beside the point. I simply need a good, cushioned chair to curl up in when I want to read or write outside.

I got close to going into the furniture consignment store I passed on my lunch hour today because they had a big white, wicker rocking chair out front that caught my eye. A rocking chair could be very cool, as long as I had something to serve as an ottoman (a box, a bench, a low table, or heck, even an actual outdoor ottoman would do) when I want to stabilize myself and not rock back and forth like a monkey. Instead, I was “good” and kept driving. I’m trying not to spend a lot of money right now, as this is the first month that (knock on wood!) I don’t have extra bills to take care of. Speaking of stabilizing– I want to do that with my bank account. Anyway, point is: I want a comfy chair. Soon. Before it gets too damn hot out there.

* My eyes were watering so much this morning! The weird thing was, they weren’t itchy or feeling irritated otherwise. I’m a little congested, yeah, but it’s not unbearable. I don’t know what was going on, but it’s eased up as the day has gone on. I felt like a crying idiot, though, and was trying not to be seen. Allergies? Maybe. But don’t eyes get itchy when faced with a possible allergen? Hmmm. Another mystery.

* I got caught singing in my car today by a truck load-a dudes. Not cute dudes, sadly. Just regular old office-dudes, possibly even contractor-type dudes. Bleh. But on my lunch hour, the weather was awesome and I was in a nice mood because my headache is officially gone and I am making progress on my hard-to-source article at last, so I found myself singing Paper Planes by M.I.A. with the window down. No big deal, really, but I was still embarrassed. Singing, to me, is something I do when I am completely alone for fear someone will make fun of me. Yeesh.

* Where the hell are the cute guys in this town? Now that I am open to scoping them out, it seems like I never see any. It’s a real shame. All the guys here are generic and wear sports-team shirts or give off no sense of a unique personality whatsoever. They all drive white trucks. It’s a very lame scene, so far. Again, I’m only just starting to look… and probably not ready to actually do some flirting. I just want to see someone worth flirting with. Who isn’t already wearing a ring. Blehh. This place can definitely suck when it comes to finding hot, nerdy guys.

* Tomorrow night, we are going to see a short film showcase. BIL took part in a 48-hour film challenge recently, and two films he was featured in were in the top 20 of all the submissions, so they get screened. I like seeing BIL in films. It’s always cool, because even though I am biased because we are now related-in-law and we are friends, he really IS a very good actor. If he sucked, it wouldn’t be nearly as fun to go to these events. (Bonus: perhaps there will be some cute nerdy guys there? Preferably with glasses and dark hair? Yes? Maybe? Hmm.)

* I’ll be finishing my little craft project within the next couple of days. I’ll take pictures because this is the first creative thing I have done in a really long time and it’s a big deal to me. Understand that I have no life, really. So this is as good as it gets, in some regards, in terms of my creative output. But I’m hopeful that this will spur me towards more artistic things again. If I take my time, I can draw pretty well. I have a few paintings for my house planned, too… I hope to get the motivation to do them this summer.

* If all goes well, tonight I might buy some pants.

* Yes. Pants.

* I told you not much is really going on in my life right now!


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  1. Ooh, craft project! (Yes, that’s the bit my geeky ass is excited about.) Can’t wait to see it. BTW, my eyes don’t really itch when my allergies are bothering me. It’s just runny eyes, runny nose, and sneezing. And sneezing. And sneezing. SO HOT. Also, sometimes my skin gets itchy (and I get hives), but not my eyes.

  2. I love Adorondeck (Sp?) chairs. So comfy and you can put a nice cushion on them. But that wicker one sounds good too. Maybe it will still be there when you have some extra cash.

    Funny you mention about no cute guys in your town. My brother was just complaining there are no datable women in Vegas. It does seem to be lacking in quality here. No one is looking for anything serious, they all just want a good time.

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