Oscars recap, with a headache.


Well, look what we have here: another Migraine Monday(TM). Son of a bitch!

What I had been thinking of as a sinus headache since yesterday is, clearly, a migraine. I’m not sick, no swollen glands or fever, yet the pain is tremendous. Yeeesh. I will probably go home early so I can close myself in a dark room, but I am not looking forward to the moment I walk out the door to the parking lot and have to drive in the sun. Even with my sunglasses, sunlight hurts my head so much. Flourescent lighting isn’t much better. In some ways, it’s worse, because of the tiny flickering. I don’t notice it when I feel OK. I’ve got the contrast on my computer turned way down, too, which helps. A dimmer screen equals a happier me.

Outside of my headache, everything is pretty good. I got some real work done on my office yesterday, at last. I’ve been putting it off and putting it off, but I finally hung up the two shelves over my desk so I can put away some more stuff. I also began the arduous sort/shred/throw away/file process that I’ve been neglecting. I have big piles of stuff that need to disappear. It’s been way too long since I sat and went through everything and threw out what I no longer need. If left to my own devices, I’ll keep every single credit card payment or utility statement going back four years or so. Finally getting this project underway feels good, since it’s been something I have hated to look at every single day. It depressed me to look at the mess. The rest of my house is pretty neat and kept organized, but that room has been shortchanged. Not anymore. I think I’ll finish the whole thing this week.

I watched the Oscars last night and sadly, I was disappointed. I’m not sure that James Franco and Anne Hathaway were fully utilized. They didn’t get to do very much. Of the two, Anne did a lot better, overall. She’s much more of a performer and entertainer, and seemed comfortable when she was putting on a show. James was a little more reserved, I thought. A little too squinty. And I love his squint, I really do. But somehow, it didn’t totally work up there on the Oscar stage. It made him look less likeable in a weird way, know what I mean? Either way, I still LOVED seeing him up there, and I found myself just smiling and feeling all happy for him, overall. It must have been a fun experience.

I didn’t make any guesses on the winners this year, although I was right in thinking “The King’s Speech” was going to win Best Picture. With the way people have been carrying on about it in the press and then on Facebook, it’s no surprise. And if you think about the type of movies Oscar loves to reward, it’s a no-brainer. Stuffy, British monarch stories seem to go over well with the Academy. It could be a great movie, but I won’t know anytime soon, since I don’t have a desire to watch it. Time is valuable, and I can’t waste time watching a movie that I “probably should” watch when there are so many “I really want to watch” movies out there!

Ouch. The headache is taking over again and I think I have to cut this short. Not like I was saying anything of importance or interest. I prefer to neatly conclude my posts somehow, but today it’s not gonna happen. Such is life. Ooh. Deep.


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  1. You too. I’m bummed to hear your migraines have returned, after that nice respite that pregnancy gave you. Feel better! And take care of that screamin’ baby. 😉

  2. I am happy to read you felt this way about the Oscars. I never watch, but I attempted to tune in- and changed the channel after the Inception-style movie intro thingy. I just wasn’t impressed. I agree Anne seemed to overshadow James, and that he looked awkward and uncomfortable, though it was refreshing to see him NOT being “Franco” or some other character. I also feel their parts were too scripted, too rehearsed, too much excessive use of the teleprompter. You could tell even the thing with their moms and the grandma was planned- everybody was mic-ed! WTF?! What happened to impromptu stuff? Ad-libs? I know that things have to be tape delayed a bit because of the FCC and events during awards shows of yore, but still… let the actors ACT! They know how to do it! Geez!

  3. They need to go back to having comedians or stage actors hosting. People who know how to handle live audiences. Movie and TV actors just don’t have the experience for live. But I thought Anne was adorable.

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