Tambourine break!


I’d like to interrupt this blog for some very important photos. It has been brought to my attention that in all of my James Franco pre-occupation, a certain Brit has been ignored. Fortunately, the internets graced us all (well, me, anyway) with some new photos to remind me that I would not mind at all I were to find myself in a Franco-Barnes sandwich. Two multi-talented gentlemen with goofy tendencies? Yes, please.

First, there is the piano.

Next, the electric guitar. (I prefer to pronounce it geee-tar, but that’s just me.)

And finally, the very best instrument the world has to offer. The sexiest of the instruments, next to the cowbell. Who knew that Ben Barnes was a master of the elegant, otherworldly instrument that undoubtedly must have been bestowed upon mortals by angels…

Dude plays the tambourine. Swoon. (He’s really focused on the musical arrangement, you can tell.)

Why are these photos so hard to see? These photos are dark because he is ashamed. And the studio was probably closed. And no one else was there. Just Stanley Spudowski, the janitor.

Afterwards, Ben and Stanley played a game of “Thinkin’ of Somethin’ Orange” until they both fell asleep.

It was sweet. Until they discovered the microphone.

No, it’s not singing time, Ben. It’s sleepy time. Go to sleep. No, really. Go to sleep. Go home. Leave the tambourine, that’s studio property, you fool. GO HOME. Zip up your walking-sleeping-bag. It’s cold out there.



Why, NO. I have not done any drugs this eve! Why do you ask? You want some?


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  1. What. The. Hell. Is. THAT???

    I think I’m going to have nightmares…

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