“Flash those pearly whites.”


To talk about something completely different, I want to document the fun dream I had last night/ this morning, because it’s kind of humorous and I want to figure out if it has any meaning. (It probably doesn’t.)

In my dream, I was at some kind of training session for work or something. Some movie stars were there. I think in my dream, I was working as a PA, helping out on production here and there, doing odd jobs. A couple of my friends were there, including one blogger (you’re the lucky one, Fraulein N!) and somehow the conversation turned to “you need to get to know at least one of these guys.” Everyone was being nice about wanting to see me hook up with someone. Two guys were apparently interested in me, according to my friends: Jake Gyllenhaal, and James Franco.

Unfortunately for Jake, I was (and am) uninterested, but he really seemed to like me and was kind of hanging around, trying to get into the conversation. I was ignoring him in favor of ol’ Francs. That was a no-brainer; of course I’d be more into talking with him. Sheesh.

So the dream consisted of conversations between me and James Franco. He was just as random and weird as you’d think, and was hilarious. He was recommending books I should read and telling me to read Michael Showalter’s new book. I was telling him about good books and making jokes to make him laugh, too, and one joke in particular remains in my memory. It’s stupid, now, of course. But it made sense in the dream.

We were making fun of people who have been shot and their ribs are showing. (Yup.) He’s laughing hysterically and says something like “you just got shot, but keep smiling!” and I mimed something like my own ribs were showing and said, “Flash those pearly whites!” meaning, the ribs. We were both laughing so hard I’m sort of surprised I didn’t pee and wet the bed.

The overall feeling of the dream was that James and I were friends. Nothing beyond laughing and connecting over similar interests and observations about the training class… he didn’t even kiss me. But it was very flirty, and fun anyway. I loved it.

Even if Jake Gyllenhaal was inexplicably there, and feeling all rejected in the background. That’s his problem. No one ever said I was responsible for Jake Gyllenhaal’s happiness.

This is the second time I dreamed that I was friends with James Franco. I wonder why I dream in that particular context when it comes to a guy like him. My theory is that I do think he is hot, but I might actually be more drawn to the things he does and choices he makes. He’s the most interesting famous person right now, because he’s unpredictable and doing all kinds of stuff. And I think he is funny. He’s quirky, which is so incredibly attractive to me.

So, that was my happy, fun dream. I really liked it. I hope I can laugh like that again very, very soon. Pretty much nothing’s better than a really good laugh.


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  1. Does anybody really like JG? ever?

    There’s an interview on the General Hospital fan site that reports that when the head of GH texted Franco to congratulate him on the Oscar nod, Franco texted back something to the effect of “What’s going on with my character? When is he coming back?”


    He’s coming back this week!

  2. No, I am pretty sure that they have yet to find a person who likes JG. He can be “tolerated” but he’s no one’s favorite. Poor fella. Even his Mom probably prefers Maggie.

    One intriguing project James Franco apparently has lined up is “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” about the early days of the Wizard. Co-starring Mila Kunis. The two of them were hilarious in “Date Night.” I’m excited for the Oscars Sunday, too. I mean, what are they gonna do? Sing? Dance? Performance art? Poetry? Operate a soup kitchen? Build a small plane? WHO KNOWS? Could be anything. 🙂

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