Two Coons, a Sheltie (and a pizza place?)


Here are some photos from Benji’s two-night visit at our house. I really loved seeing two orange cats hanging around, being cool.

Can you tell which cat is Simon?

Everyone got along so well. Yesterday, I left my bedroom door open while I was at work, which was a real risk because I was worried Benji would try to mark his territory and pee on my bed (which he did to my Mom’s bed). But he was just so happy curled up on my comforter yesterday morning while I was getting ready (and taking these photos). I decided to take a chance, and it worked out just fine. No peeing, no marking. Just cuteness.

By last night, Simon and Benji were sniffing noses and sitting near one another on a regular basis. Simon was the instigator, I noticed; he was kind of following Benji around with this curious, excited expression on his face. Benji was still a little aloof, but I can tell he was having fun interacting with my two guys.

Hurley, as I mentioned yesterday, was absolutely fine with two Simons in his house. As far as I know, he wasn’t yet able to engage Benji in play, but I know he did the play-bow to him a couple of times. Benji just stared back at him, confused, but not scared. It was awesome watching Benji as he sat, mesmerized, as Simon and Hurley wrestled and played in front of him. His eyes were wide, and a couple of times Benji stood up and looked like he was actually considering jumping into the fray. I was squeeing all over the place!

Benji went home last night. Mom was over my house for birthday cake and presents with my sister and BIL, and so she took him home with her at the end of the night. I was surprisingly bummed out to see him go! And I think Simon and Hurley were, too. Simon was so subdued this morning. Just sitting in the hallway, quietly watching me eat my cereal, not answering when I talked to him. I wonder if he misses Benji? It’s impossible to say, of course. I bet it is possible, though. Benji was the most exciting thing to happen to Simon in a long time! And besides, it was his first real, prolonged contact with another cat. He did well, even if he is half-dog.

Hurley is just happy when there are cats around. He’s not so excited about other dogs. Just cats. It’s so odd! But it’s also incredibly endearing and sweet. I just love having an unusual and happy dog. He’s my sunshine-sweetheart, smilin’ bouncy pumpkinbutt. (AHHH! Horrible, cutesy nicknames! I am the worst!!)


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  1. Simon is the one in the back, right? The more tawney colored one? I think I got it right.

    I love that your mom has a cat that looks like a Simon clone. And he seems to have the same temperment which is awesome because Simon is awesome!. therefore Benji is an awesome cat! 🙂

  2. Yes, you are correct; Simon is in the back! Having two similar cats in the house made me think of you, with your two lookalike girls. 🙂 Awww, so cute!

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