Shiny happy tired


Yesterday turned out pretty great. I got that haircut, like I mentioned… and it came out very well! I only got long bangs that are off to the side, for now, but I like it. I can always trim shorter if I decide to go that route. But it’s a nice, clean haircut that’s even all around again (thank God!) and it actually looks really cute with the ends flipped up. I was so happy I laughed when I said “I love it!” when she spun the chair around. I liked the girl who cut my hair, too. We somehow started talking about the old 80s and 90s perfumes, like Poison and Debbie Gibson’s Electric Youth; it was kind of funny. I’d definitely go back to that particular Ulta and ask for her again. Oh, and I did the deep conditioning treatment and it was wonderful. My hair feels so soft and healthy now. I never do any of the “splurge” type of services when I get my hair done, so I surprised myself by saying I wanted it. I’m trying to get better at being a proper lady, and spending money on making myself healthier, prettier and/or happier. It’s not easy! But hey, I’m trying. Life’s too short to not wear eyeliner and have cute hair. (I tend to forget that.)

After that, my sister and I went to the 2nd Friday event and it was fantastic. We just wandered around, taking it all in and enjoying the atmosphere. Main Street in Mesa, as many of you know, is the oldest part of the city and the buildings down there are more of the cute, Small Town USA-style than anywhere else around here (with the exception of downtown Gilbert, but the cute part is so short there), so it’s almost calming to be in such a pretty, chill little place. We saw a little girls’ dance troupe doing performances on one of the sidewalks– the dance to Pink’s “So What” was cute in its sloppy, kidness… and it was awesome to see other little kids watching the show all serious. You could tell some of the kids on the sidelines were thinking of asking their parents for dance lessons. I remember that feeling, myself! We just had to go to dance school after we went to our friend Lori’s dance recital.

We bought some prints from a high school-aged kid who did spraypaint art. I have to give him credit for being a great salesman for his own stuff. He drew us in, and got us to buy his weird stuff. I had to have the print that says “Groovy” on it with a little Winnebago-shape (I might take a photo of that, too, tomorrow) because Groovy’s one of my nicknames from my sister.

Also, we talked to a wonderful woman who was selling her prints of her paintings. She had Down’s Syndrome, and I loved how sweet and normal she was. She was out there, enjoying selling her artwork, and it was so cool to buy from her. She’s very prolific, and she uses great colors in her work, which was completely whimsicle and fun. We bought some of her cards. I might buy one of her larger prints at the next event, if I see her… already today I am wishing I had bought her painting of a yellow cat playing a fiddle.

It was gorgeous weather, and fantastic people-watching weather as well. We were there longer than I think we expected to be, which was cool. My sister found a cute restaurant to take her husband on Valentine’s Day for dinner, and we also discovered some neat little boutique/salons that sold crazy jewelry and accessories… so girly, and lots of sparkly-shiny-jingle jangles.

After that, we ended up at some gelato place for a late snack (mmm, I love strawberry gelato!) and then we went home. It was one of our better sister’s-nights-out in a long time just because everything we did was new-to-us.

Oh, stupid footnote: my sister tells me I was getting “checked out” by a teenage boy in the pizzeria. I didn’t notice this, but I find it hilarious as hell! So the first time my sister notices anyone checking me out in about a decade, and it’s jailbait. I might be missing my calling as a cougar. Rrrawr. No. I doubt that.

Today was spent at Mom’s packing and cleaning. I think she’s ready to move! She gets her keys tomorrow and walks the apartment; then she’s coming over because she hasn’t been to my house for several weeks now and she says she misses Hurley. Not me, per se. Hurley. But she has seen plenty of me lately, so I guess I understand. Also, Hurley is fantasticwonderdog.

I’m so tired right now, and I’m about to go get ready for bed and read for as long as possible before I find myself too tired to do it. Being busy isn’t so bad, sometimes. The resulting tiredness at the end of it feels very welcome. Ahhh, bed. I do love you.


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  1. You haircut sounds so cute, I can’t wait to see it!

    That 2nd Night Out sounds like a blast! I really loved downtown Mesa when we went there. So quaint and fun! My perfect kind of place to just wander for hours. I bought a cool sandstone polar bear for my MIL and my mom got a gorgeous jade necklace.I would love to go again. I also would like to see those prints and cards you bought. We have a spray paint artist who “performs” on Fremont and we have one of his prints. Amazing what they can do with that medium. I always love to hear about Down Syndrome people doing something amazing. I babysat for a Down Syndrome boy and he is my special guy. I always told him he could do anything he wanted. 🙂

  2. I used to love that Electric Youth perfume!

    Teenage boys do seem to have a special knack for reminding us older gals that we are still worth noticing. 🙂

  3. You sound tired, but good tired. Happy tired. I love that you call it being a “proper lady;” reminds me that I need to start being good to myself too!

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