Mom’s moving


So this is the last weekend before our Mom moves to a new apartment. We’re excited because now she’ll be on our side of town. She’ll be mere blocks from my sister’s house, actually. Very cool! As it is now, she’d kind of far from us and her complex is really run-down and crappy. They’re also hosing her for rent, and have been, for a long time. We’re just so glad she’d finally had enough of it and getting out!

We’ve been going over to help her pack for a few weeks now, and she’d unloading a bunch of stuff to Goodwill, which is great. It’s amazing, the amount of things she’s accumulated over the years. No one needs three full sets of china, for example (one set was a Christmas set); especially when there’s never any large parties or company to serve. So we’ve been helping her sort through everything and pack up the rest. It’s a big job, but we’re nearing the end now. But this weekend is all about helping Mom, getting her ready for the Big Move on the 15th.

It’s weird how familiar packing is, since I’ve moved about 9 times since moving to AZ. I know some of you are also serial movers, and you know what I’m talking about when I say you just get really good at strategically packing items to make the most use of the space in the boxes and you could tape up a box in your sleep. Hopefully, this will be her last move for a long time again, because it’s challenging to pack other people’s things. I hope I’ve packed stuff in a way so she can easily find what she needs after she moves. I did love it when people helped me pack my stuff up in the past, but there’s always a thing or two that seem permanently ‘lost’ because you have no idea which box they ended up in, because someone else packed it for you. Happens every time. I’m hoping it won’t happen to Mom; that’s my point.

So, yay for moving! But also, yay for Wednesday the 16th, when the move is finally over! 🙂

Here’s other schtuff that is going on in my universe at this time:

* I’m finally getting that much-needed haircut today after work! I’m going to an Ulta salon, since they’re still affordable but they always seem to go good work there. I can’t wait now. I think I’m going to get bangs again. I’ve been thinking about it for a long time now, since all of the best pictures of me are ones where I have bangs. And I want to hide my forehead bump again. The checkout woman at Target a couple of weeks ago was blatantly staring at it, but to her credit she didn’t ask what it was. (Most people ask me if I got hit on the head with something. No, I didn’t bump my head; it’s simply the way my skull is formed. I had a bone scan in 5th grade that proved there’s nothing wrong. It’s still a stupid physical characteristic to have… a round bump up on the right side of my forehead, by my hairline. Thanks for that. I couldn’t have a ‘sexy’ mole or something, huh, God? Nope. You gave me ‘sexy’ head bump.)

And finally, my friend R just got bangs and it looks great on her, and it only reminded me how much I wanted them, too. Bangs, bangs, bangs. One of the classic staples of the hipster white lady. Yup!

* I believe I have a blockage in my right eustachian tube (my ear) that came from the sinus infection I had a little while back. I’m used to it now, and it’s not painful, but it’s weird. I can feel it most when I walk in certain areas of my office building, because I think pressure changes for some reason in those areas; and I feel it when I am brushing my hair or knock on my head. I can only describe the feeling as ‘it just sounds stuffy.’ I wonder if I need to do anything about it, or if I can wait until my next doctor visit to just bring it up. I’d rather do the latter, of course. BONUS GEEK POINTS: I was stupidly happy when Walter Bishop said he had a blocked eustachian tube on a recent episode of Fringe. Yes! I’m like Walter! Now, where’s the chocolate pudding and LSD?

* I’m going out to 2nd Friday on Main St. tonight; it’s one of those monthly street events with galleries and restaurants open late and crafters selling stuff along the sidewalks. I’ve only gone two times, even though it’s only a few minutes from my house. But I’m hoping to have another weird experience to write about. I hope to see something strange, talk to a weird person or…anything! I’ll bring my camera, too. At the very least, I need to take pictures of the big bronze statues all over the place down there, like the one that depicts a giant, happy pig. I’ve been meaning to do that for a long time.

* Movies I want to see in the theater (but I might not only because I hardly go to the movies anymore): 127 Hours, Cedar Rapids, I Am Number Four, Your Highness. Actually, I probably will make every effort to see at least Your Highness and 127 Hours in the theater. I’ll be there opening weekend for Your Highness. (I’m too crunched for time to put the links in right now, so I might add them later on.)

* I purchased something to facilitate highness myself, today. Just some paraphernalia; I still need to get ‘ammunition’ though. All of this makes me very happy and kind of like a sneaky lil’ bastard. No one knows what’s in my purse right now! Hee hee. But it’s so cool to have this item now, because the substance is really great for calming stress and only letting creative and silly thoughts pass through. It’s not to get all dopey and stumbling-around, for me: it’s absolutely more medicinal. Legalize it! Legalize it! 😉

* I started watching that show Being Human on SyFy recently, and I like it! It’s no Fringe or anything Buffy-level, but it’s still entertaining and fun. I like the three leads, even though I went into it thinking I wasn’t going to be able to stand the two guys. (One was Jimmy Olsen in the 2005 Superman movie; the other just looked like a vapid male model-type.) But I realized that I didn’t have to worry… everyone is very good. And I kind of have a crush on the one I thought was a vapid male model; the vampire. He’s very good-looking. I’m happy that Ben Barnes has a neighbor now in the lonely little world of My Actor Crushes.


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  1. a) I cant wait to see your new haircut. I still have to find pics of R
    b) If you are Walter, do I need to bring you strawberry milkshakes?
    c) More Franco for you.
    c) The guy playing the vampire on the US Being Human was Doomsday monster in Smallville. hes kinda weird proportionally to me. more for you. The UK vampire was sorta pretty in that Ben Barnes way you like. Check him out. The UK werewolf was an adorable whiny geek.

  2. a) Moving is never fun, even when you are helping someone else. But I am glad your mom is going to be closer and in a better place. And yes, you do become a master packer after so many moves! 🙂

    b) We will need to see haircut pictures! 🙂

    c) My ears have been ringing for a week now. I don’t know if it is my sinus issues from my cold or that the load music at a club finally burst my eardrum. It is highly annoying and I wish I knew how to stop it.

    d) I have a picture with that pig! 🙂

    e) I am Number Four looks really good. And I would like to see 127 Hours in the theatre but I am too scared that I will wimp out. At home I have the option to turn it off if it is too much. I still have to see Black Swan.

    f) I wish I knew how to get some myself. I could use the stress reliever. 🙂

    g) I am LOVING Being Human. My best friend raved about the British version (which I still have to see) so I thought I would check it out. It is a lot more fun than I anticipated. And it’s funny. Initially I thought the vampire was odd looking but now he is growing on me too.

  3. Dot – I saw a preview for the BBC version of Being Human, and you’re right… the British version of the vampire is damn hot. I’m gonna try to find episodes online or something. PS: I do need strawberry milkshakes. Love those.

    CP – My haircut came out great! It’s such a huge improvement. I will do my best to get some pictures, maybe tomorrow. My hair is a huge mess right now from working all day. But at least it’s symmetrical and not all chopped up anymore. Oh, and yes, YOU DO have a picture with that pig! I recall that you did that! Sadly, I got no photos last night. I never think to take any, and it was very dark. Oh, well. Next time I’m there in daylight. Finally, the book for “I Am Number Four” is pretty good, and it’s a quick read– I recommend it.

    February is FRANCO MONTH! For the first time ever I am excited to watch the Oscars. I love that man’s brain… and his big, goofy smile. Awww. Adorable!

  4. I prefer the British version of Being Human, but surprisingly I do like the remake. I think the guy playing Aidan is just about the fugliest thing ever, but it looks like I’m the only one who feels that way.

  5. Guess what… I am already sick of Aidan on Being Human! I changed my mind; he’s really not cute, the more I watch it. He’s OK, but I was mistaken last week. Something about his weird mouth bothers me now. No longer cute. Oh, well. (I have seen pics of the British-version dude, and yes, waaaay hotter.) In related news, I am still not sick of Ben Barnes, or James Franco. Carry on.

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