Day 30: A dream for the future


The way my brain works, I immediately wanted to write a NIGHTMARE for the future for this post, because that’s so much easier to imagine. Heh.

Overpopulation, stupid people breeding, obesity killing people so fast they need to haul the bodies away with forklifts, North Korea going even more batshit insane than they are now and start the third world war, a real SuperFlu that’s totally resistant to antibiotics, melting ice caps raising the sea level… and how about what would happen if a meteor or comet hit the moon? Who’s watching the moon? Have you ever thought about that? The moon gets knocked out of orbit, we have unpredictable seasons and days that could last a couple of hours or 124 hours, the tides are effed up…and our planet goes to shit.

We know what happened when a big friggin’ meteorite/asteroid struck the earth and ruined life on Earth for a good billion years or so. Look at how these guys below are reacting:

T-Rex: “Ahhhh! Oh shit, Steve! Wake up! Big thing from sky, it’s gonna totally hit us!! Eeeeeeeeeee!”

Tricerotops: “Who cares? You just bit a chunk out of my LEG, Gary. I’m not sleeping, I’m dying, you carnivorous asshole.”

But, hey. This post is supposed to be about a DREAM for the future; a nice dream. Something sweet, hopeful and positive. Didn’t I just say yesterday I wanted to be more positive? I think I did. So let me see what I can do on the other side of the spectrum; the spectrum where moon catastrophes have no place at all.


Well… I dream that people become smarter and nicer. World peace is still a very nice dream. Unrealistic as hell, yes, but still nice.


I’m bored! So here are a couple more captioned photos of disasters!

Worst Flash Mob EVER: Pandemic!!!

“BWAH HA HA HA! Guess what, humans? Joke’s on you! We’re actually EVIL and we are now going to destroy ALL OF YOU!! Squeak squeak squeak!! EAT SHIT!”


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  1. The prefect way for you to end this challenge, demonic dolphins seeking revenge. I love it!

  2. One time, I swore a dolphin whisper as I walked past: “I’d kill you in your sleep, bitch.” Life lesson #209: Don’t fall asleep near a dolphin. They will kill a bitch.

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