Day 28: What’s in my bag of tricks?


Oh, my purse. My lovely purse. I have one I really like right now, from Target, that fits everything so well and isn’t too cumbersome to carry around. I’d still prefer a cross-body bag because I love the hands-free thing very much, but this one was so pretty I had to have it. (It’s purple leopard-print with black patent-vinyl trim.)

This is what my sweet purse looks like!

Anyway, want to know what’s in there…what evil lurks in the heart of my bag? OK. Here goes:

* Wallet (zebra print; another cute Target find from years ago) and my keys

* Small notebook with a mechanical pencil stuck in the spine (for the random thoughts, ideas and funny observations)

* Two packs of gum (because one is almost done, so the backup is ready to go– one is spearmint, the other is peppermint sugarless gum)

* Foldable toothbrush, floss-picks and toothpaste

* Lip balm and a lip stain pen (Cover Girl “Touch of Toffee” and Bath & Body Works C.O. Bigelow Mentha Lip Tint in Plum Mint… love this stuff, it’s so minty and tingly!)

* Foldable brush and hairclip

* Coupon book (my little accordion file-thing from the $1 section at Michael’s; love this thing, I have everything organized by category.)

* My adorable purple iPod nano (I only wish it was 16GB because it’s always filled to capacity)

* Sunglasses (cheap and crappy and too big for my face; ugly)

* Checkbook and three pens

* Purell hand sanitizer spray

* An old prescription bottle containing a few packets of Goody’s headache powder and one packet of cold medicine

* My USB drive that contains my writing; my books, short stories and essays. I back this up on another drive at home in case I lose this one. But it’s my most valuable possession right now.

* Packet o’ tissues

* Sunshine by Robin McKinley

I thought I had more makeup than I do, but it makes sense… I never refresh my makeup during the day. Hell, I never even reapply lipstick or gloss. I forget to do it, and I need to make a note to myself to wear it more often. It’s a shame that a tube of lip gloss can last me almost two years… and that’s not sanitary, either. Note to self: Use the damn stuff!


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  1. I need to carry a coupon book in my purse. Makes total sense because I am always saying “Darn, I have a coupon for that at home!” Very wise move.

  2. Yay, you’re reading Sunshine! I do have a coupon wallet (that I put neat little labels on and everything), but I don’t have room for it in the bag I’m carrying now…

    Now I’m thinking I need a bigger bag.

  3. I have a good tip regarding those scannable store-cards on the keychain: If you have a change pocket in your wallet, preferably one that zips, put them all in there. They don’t get all gunked up from my filthy keys-using life, and I don’t have to have a huge keychain. In fact, I look like I am using a rental car all the time, because it’s just my car key and the fob on the chain. I have another one with the house key on it, but that’s normally not clipped to it b/c I take that one when I go for walks. I am actually a minimalist when it comes to some things. SOME things. I’m a packrat with tons of other crap!

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