Day 23: A YouTube Video


Since I have yet to master the recording and uploading of my own videos to YouTube (I need to get the correct USB cable one of these days; and T-Mobile never lets me upload anything I shoot on my phone anymore), I am sharing the following video today because it’s a close approximation to what goes on in my house on a daily basis.

Not only is this a Sheltie, and an orange cat… the play style is almost identical. Hurley is a little less vocal, but not much… once he gets going. Simon usually tackles the crap out of Hurley, putting him in a kind of headlock and then he licks Hurley’s head and eyelids for awhile. Soon, though, the licking turns to biting and the wrestling match is ON. Hurley will gnaw on Simon’s head and neck, and Simon will sit on his haunches and bat at Hurley’s face, as Hurley dives in and out quickly, going “arr, arr, arr”… and this will continue for 15 minutes, sometimes!

In the end, Hurley usually winds up PWNED, though. Simon is a very, very tough cat to beat.

Not that any of that matters to Hurley. He totally loves it.

I’m kind of addicted to videos of Shelties, actually. I know we are only supposed to share one video, but this is my other favorite Sheltie video. I can’t help but smile when I watch this! Awwww!

Interestingly, I have two fail-proof methods to entice Hurley to go start trouble with Simon. One: I pull the vacuum out. Just the act of rolling it out of the closet gets Hurley all crazy-eyed. He will run off and find Simon, wherever he is, and start barking at him to begin playing.

Two: I take out my salad spinner. This is my favorite, and the thing I have got to film and upload! Once I push down on that spinner, Hurley goes berserk. He ‘attacks’ Simon even more furiously than he does with the vacuum. Last night, I was making a salad and Simon was in the windowsill over the sink. Hurley was so annoyed that he couldn’t reach Simon, and was barking and whining louder than usual. He was jumping and standing on his hind legs briefly, crying out to Simon: “Oh, pleeeeeeeease, come down and play with me! Pleeeeease let me bite your head! Hey! You! Come down here! PLEEEEEASE!!” 

Simon looked so smug, sitting there watching him, swishing his tail and blinking slowly. I almost wanted to pick him up and throw him to the wolf , just because of his catty arrogance.

God, I love having pets!


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  1. I have no idea why the salad spinner is an instrument of DOOM around here. He doesn’t like small appliances that make noise, in general (the mixer, air popcorn popper) but the salad spinner is king. I’ll forever amused by the fact that it’s the trigger to make him go batshit crazy on poor Simon.
    Simon knows to watch when I’m making a salad. The second the spinner comes down from the shelf, I see him slipping quietly out of the room. But honestly, he loves the attacks, too. He plays right along.

  2. You have GOT to get that on video! Ha ha! Weird how the littlest things will set them off. Nerissa goes gaga over plastic bags. She will jump up and try to take them from you. And Portia is obsessed with olives. She always knows when hubby is making a martini and will climb his leg to get him to give her an olive.

    We have weird animals. 🙂

  3. Oh I forgot, Nerissa is always afraid of our subwoofer for our surround sound. When we watch a loud movie she will try to investigate during the quieter parts and then freak out when something bangs. We end up watching her more than the movie.

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