Bad haircut


I have to vent about something so I can get it out of my head. I have work to finish up, and for some reason this keeps on butting in and bothering me:

I got a bad haircut on Saturday, and I’m pissed off about it!

I took some photos of it, but T-Mobile won’t let me upload them right now for some reason. All I wanted was to have a couple of inches taken off so that all of the dead ends were removed, and then the layers made a little more pronounced. I’ve been curling my hair lately, and I thought layers would make my hair look nicer.

I was going to go to a real salon, but once more, I didn’t. On a total impulse, I found myself in a little place called “Precision Cuts” near the Safeway. Why do I do this? Why don’t I put a little more effort or care into choosing who gets to touch my hair? Well, this is the last time that’s gonna happen. I have been lucky up until now, and never got a bad haircut at the Supercuts-level places.

So. I go in, and there are two women working. One can barely speak English and can’t understand when I am trying to spell my last name so she can enter it into the computer. I handed her my driver’s license, thinking it would be easier, and she just squints at it and says something like, “I can’t see. Need glasses.” Oh, boy. I prayed she wouldn’t be the one cutting my hair.

She wasn’t. Instead, I got this middle aged woman who seemed nice enough. She was talkative, but it didn’t bother me that day for some reason. First, she didn’t even ask me if I wanted a shampoo or not. She just sat me down and started spraying my hair with water. I hated that, because I know from experience that my hair will just knot up if you do that; in hair-cutting situations, my hair prefers to be conditioned right before being cut.

I didn’t say anything, though, because she was already underway with spraying. Then it took her 10 minutes just to comb out my hair. Maybe longer. Ugh.

She started cutting and everything seemed to be going OK. She used a new razor to cut layers, and in retrospect, she really wasn’t being very precise. For someone working at “Precision Cuts,” you would think precision would be something you strive for. Guess not. She just lifted hair and sliced.

When she was done, she used the blow dryer so I could see the cut. It was much shorter than I’d expected, because she went a little nuts with the layers. But at the time, I admit I liked it. I didn’t see a problem, and to be honest, usually my hair ends up shorter than I expect even when I get an expensive haircut, so I wasn’t too upset about the short length.

However, that night at home, I realized that my hair was not cut symmetrically. On my right side, the hair is cut straight back like she was starting a bob at my chin. Then it goes to choppy, longer hair. It’s like my hair went over a saw that stopped after about 6 inches. But only on this one side. The left side is layered properly, for the most part.

It looks so stupid. I have to keep my hair tucked behind my ears because it helps camoflauge the weird bob-part of the haircut. I’m going to stop in after work to make them fix it.

I’m scared to have them “fix” it, because they’re the ones who did this mess in the first place. But like my sister pointed out, why should I pay someone else to fix what they did? Get them to do it. But…

…it might mean chopping off the rest of my hair to the bob-length, which is at my chin. I haven’t had hair that short since 2003 or so. I wasn’t planning on going that short again until I was, like, 50 years old or something.

I don’t know what the fix will be. If they can somehow layer the messed-up part anyway. I don’t want too much layering, otherwise I’ll end up with a weird Rachel-cut or a mullet, worst-case scenario. That’s why the bob might be the preferable solution. At least it will all grow out at the same length.

I hate this shit. I wish I could just cut my own hair and leave everyone out of it!

OK. Rant off. I can go back to work now.


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  1. seriously. go to Chris Anthony at Chandler Mall and ask ONLY for Chris. He is not available on Mondays and he is a bit spendy but he is awesome. Promise me you will do this. He knows what he is doing.

  2. Ugh. I was going to suggest the “go back and get them to fix it” thing. It’s only right, because you did spend the money and they botched it, but I also understand about not wanting to go anywhere near them-unprecise-folk-with-the-scissors again. Yikes!

    I learned the hard way not to go to those cheap places, either. Instead, I go to semi-decent places and find someone willing to get my hair wet, cut it, skip the drying/styling process. I’m fortunate to have TWO someones- both here, as well as when I go back home, who will do this. One gets my hair wet, conditions it, rinses it, cuts it and we’re done. For $18 and I always tip her really well. The other washes and cuts my hair, and if she doesn’t dry/style it, then it’s $20 and I tip her real good. If she does the drying and styling, it’s $32 and then I have to tip her besides, so… I have a few options.

    Find somebody like that.

  3. Ooooh. I’ve learned (the hard way) not to skimp when it comes to getting my hair cut. Not that they can’t fuck you up but good at a fancy place, too, but I feel like at least then you have more of a chance of finding somebody at the shop you can trust to fix it.

  4. I’m going to track down the one hairstylist I ever really trusted. He’s expensive, but he never let me down. I think it’s time to get him on board to help resolve Hair Disaster 2011.
    But for now? I am just wearing my hair up and no one can tell I have freak hair.

  5. I finally found a hairdresser I trust and she is somewhat reasonable. but it took forever. And even so, she is not allowed to highlight my hair thanks to the horrible skunk episode of 2004.

    I would go back to the place and demand my money back and go to another place to have them fix it. Don’t trust the hackers. Or at least don’t have the original person fix it there.

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