Day 15: My dream house


Well, I’d want to live in a house that was 100% PAID FOR, so…no mortgage.

It’d be nice if it were near to the water, and had lots and lots of trees around on the property and bordering the property. I’d love a lot of color throughout the house, and a kitchen with brightly-painted cabinets (like red, or lime green or something). A beautiful front porch with a wood-plank floor… and a back porch just like that, but screened in with big, comfy patio furniture and a chandelier from the ceiling. (Yeah! Think how pretty that would be.) The house wouldn’t have more than 5 bedrooms, and would ideally be less than 2,500 square feet. (I don’t want to clean that much of a house!) The exterior would have lots of red brick and anything that wasn’t brick could be painted in funky colors. Oh, and the house would be old, with doorways that are slightly crooked and a creepy old attic. There would be stories about my house being haunted. It could be, too, as long as the ghost is nice, like my current house-spirit is.


I could just go with my 4th grade version of “My future house”:

(BONUS: Also includes “My future job”… TO SING WITH MICHAEL JACKSON [and apparently be a huge, Cabbage Patch Kid-faced spectre with no legs or hands]!!)


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  1. That is one snazzy-ass dress, I must say. I totally want to come hang out at your cozy dream house. I’m enjoying reading the responses to this challenge, and it was a lot of fun making my own list (I love a good list) too.

  2. Thanks! I have a whole folder of elementary school crap like this. I’m so grateful that my Mom kept all of it. I was a weird kid. For instance, in one question we had to finish the sentence, “If I were a lake…” and I wrote: “…the pirahna’s lake would be someplace else!” I had to go RIGHT to the blood and gore. How was it that pirahnas would be the first thing I’d think of? Sheesh. My friends wrote stuff like, “…boats would sail on me all day” and things like that.

  3. My mother saved a bunch of my old stuff too. The best thing I found, from a vocabulary assignment (I think), was “Finland children sleep on a bed of straw.” The hell?

  4. “Finland children sleep on a bed of straw.” LOL, seriously! I think you should put that on a T-shirt to confuse the hell out of everyone.

  5. I love that you still have that! I think we all knew what was best for us when we were that age. I mean, look at how stylin’ you were. 🙂

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