Day 13 – A Fiction Book


Weird. What does this particular item on the Blog Challenge 2011! list actually mean? If you tweak it just a little, by writing “fictional“, it sounds like you need to make up a book that does not exist, or something. There is no direction here; it doesn’t say “your favorite” or “…you don’t like” so this feels relatively open-ended.

I think I’ll talk about my first favorite fiction book. I’m pretty sure it was:

Dorrie and the Halloween Plot by Patricia Coombs

OK, here’s something I don’t understand: not many people remember reading these books when they were little. My sister and I were (and still are) totally in love with them. In fact, I own a couple of them that my sister and Mom purchased off of either eBay or Amazon Marketplace. These books are out of print. So the ones I own are used library books, which I think is very cool. After all, that’s exactly how we read them… from the Middletown Library.

Dorrie is a little witch. “Her hat is always on crooked and her socks never match.” She lives with her Mom, who is The Big Witch, and Cook, who is… a cook. She has a little black cat named Gink. (I solemnly swear that if I were to get a second cat, it would be black and it would be named Gink. No doubt in my mind that this is the name I’d choose!)

The books were so cute. They were drawn in pencil with minimal color, which only made them seem cooler somehow. It was a nice change from the bright, primary colors splashed all over every other young reader book back then. I’m not sure why that look appealed to me so much, at such a young age, but it’s never changed. I still love that Halloween and autumn-feel.

If I were to ever become a famous writer for my own fiction books, I’d do whatever I could to pull some weight to get those books back in print. I just think it’s time for a new generation to see them. It’s not so strange for kids to read books about magic and witchcraft anymore, and I think the stories are timeless enough to carry over no matter how old the books get.

Oh, Dorrie. I love you, you little adorable witch!


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  1. This looks awesome! I will have to look these up because they sound like they are right up my alley. I love quirky characters like Dorrie.

  2. I never heard of them, but they do look great. As for the challenge, I think it’s just another means to prompt everyone to post something!

  3. DORRIE!!!!! A few days before we moved from NJ, I went to the library and checked out some of these so I could keep them. Yes, I stole. But Dorrie is a worthy cause, because I will have my kids read them one day and hopefully appreciate them like we did. Dorrie’s artwork was also very instrumental in my learning to draw.
    Patricia Coombs is an awesome talent, I would love to meet her and just say thanks for the Dorrie books.

  4. Trish, you need to get a Dorrie tattoo. That one image of her with the umbrella (the one you painted on your wall in Middlewood). It would be so cute on your ankle or something! 🙂

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