Day 11: A recent photo of me


What’s with all these photo posts? It’s definitely started to annoy me. When I began this challenge, I didn’t realize how ‘tarded some of these prompts are. Now that I have to face them, one at a time, every day, I can see the lameness up close and frankly, I’m not impressed. Five days of photos is too much. Sorry.

Also, I can’t top what I did yesterday. Now THAT was fun.

OK, so, anyway, here’s a recent photo of me (and my sister):

Well, it makes perfect sense to me.


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  1. I’m fed up with the photo posts, too. If I’d read the whole challenge, instead of just skimming the first few, I’d probably not have participated, thanks to all the photo b.s.

  2. Yeah, I’m over the photo stuff too. I love seeing other people’s, though! I wasn’t even that creative with mine. At least you’re doing something fun with it.

  3. So glad the photo posts are done…they are done, right??? There aren’t more hiding we will have to endure???

    I love this picture. It looks like a superheroes girlfriend’s recipe exchange party.

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