Day 9: A photo I took. I TOOK! NOT YOU! ME!


Today I’m in a mood that my friend Lisa would call “punchy.” I was feeling dorky today and began thinking about Ed Grimley, and this led me to YouTube to try to find a good video of him dancing to post to Facebook. (Hey, these are the important things in my day!)

Instead, I ended up watching about half a dozen SCTV clips and laughing ridiculously hard. I wish they’d shown this show on cable or reruns because I’d totally have loved it. I’m trying to be quiet here at my desk even though I’m dying with laughter. I ruined my mascara already with crying…which is the very best way to ruin one’s mascara– laugh-tears! Whew. Anyway. Where was I?

Oh, this “photo that I took” business for this challenge thing.

I’ve got tons and tons of pictures I’ve taken over the years, like any of us. And I don’t have a single favorite or anything like that. However, I do love “Before and After” shots very much.

So today I’m cheating and putting two photos so I can do a Before & After that I’m very proud of.

The back of my house in July, 2009:

The back of my house, October 2010:

I can’t believe how different it really does look. I’m psyched for the next big project (and the final BIG project), which is painting the exterior. It’s going to be flippin’ gorgeous. I’m so excited that this is MY house. I live here. I did all of this. Maybe not with my own two hands, because I am nooooo contractor. But still.

We probably shouldn’t talk much about the state of the backyard itself, right now, because it only makes me sad. I think I effed up. I cut back on water for the plants and as a result, many of them suffered freeze damage recently. Boo. Live and learn, I guess. (If they don’t get enough water in cold weather, the plants’ cells aren’t healthy enough to withstand freezing temperatures.)

Anyway, it’s all gonna be OK. I’ll bring them back. If The Secret Garden taught me anything, you can bring things that look dead back to life as long as “a thing is wick, and someone cares about it.”

I CARE! I’ll save you, plants!!! I’ll save yooooooou!

Kind of unrelated, but…


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  1. I don’t know why, but the plant mastering photosynthesis juxtaposed with Batman is KILLING me.

    And your house looks great now. In the after picture. In the before picture … um, is that the fence you kept mentioning that you wanted to get rid of? Because I couldn’t tell what all the fuss was about a fence but … yeah. Pictures really are worth a thousand words.

  2. I know… Batman, in all his glory, has YET to master photosynthesis! Take that, sucka. (I can’t even remember how I found that online; but there it was, saved to my hard drive.)

    The thing off the back of the house is the rotten pergola– a makeshift ‘porch cover’ that was literally falling apart b/c the wood was so old and horrible. They’d tacked green screen-shade stuff to it, which only made it look worse. This was the structure my sister and I literally tore off the house with sledgehammers before the bank would let us close on the loan. If you have never done some demolition work with sledgehammers, let me say this: I HIGHLY recommend it. Absolutely fun. (Although i think she got tired of me yelling HULK SMASH! after awhile.)

    The RV gate was the other thing that had to go. It was the big metal thing I couldn’t even move. I got that torn out last spring, and now I have a normal gate.

  3. I always love to see the pictures of your house. You have done so much and should be so proud because it looks awesome!!

  4. Thank you so much! It’s a full-out work in progress, for sure. But I like it that way. I like to think my home feels like it is loved. 🙂

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