Almost back to normal


Today, the rescue is supposed to be picking Sandy up to take her back into the program. I think she’ll be fostered by the same couple that had her before, and now the rescue will hopefully be able to find her the CORRECT kind of home. She really can’t be around other animals, period. Yesterday she grabbed Simon again… and all he was doing was climbing out of his litter box. Sometimes, it seems like her aggression is so random.

I think that she might need to be checked out by a vet, too, to make sure she doesn’t have something wrong. Maybe she is in some kind of pain and acts out as a result? Or it could be a brain issue. Who knows. All I do know is that she is not the right dog for me.

Since Wednesday night, Hurley has been staying at my sister’s house. It was just too hard for him to be here. He was jumpy, super-nervous and didn’t want to do anything normal… he even refused treats and a session of doing tricks. When the rescue told me they had nowhere to put her until today, I knew that would be too long to do this to Hurley. So, he’s been over at her house, and he’s actually been very happy there.

When I brought him in, he was so excited to be there. He jumped up and down, smiled and licked my sister’s face. Her cats came out and investigated after only a few hours. As of last night, her cat Fizz was making close contact and Hurley was trying to get him to play. Fizz didn’t know what to make of the play-bounce and little “yip” bark so he just ran behind my sister for protection. She said it was so cute and funny. Hurley’s not pushing it, though… he’s super polite to the cats and they’re the same toward him.

As nice as all that is, I want my dog back home with me now. I’ve had more than enough of this, and can’t wait for the rescue to get here and take her back. I’ve recovered emotionally from the situation, and now just want things to be the way they were before this error.

I learned there will be no more dogs for me. I think we’re more than happy with our normal dynamic of me, Hurley and Simon. I don’t want to complicate my life in this way, again. Not for a long, long, long time, anyway. Maybe a decade or two.

I just miss Hurley so much. It’s not the same without him, and Simon is sad, too. Sad, and hiding from Sandy (of course). He and I have bonded a lot over the past few days; he’s even curled up on my lap as I watched TV. It was cute and it made me feel better to have him there in the middle of all this upheaval. If I say “Hurley” to Simon, he meows. He totally wants his best friend to come home. Today, he will. Thank God.


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  1. I wonder if she has some kind of seizure disorder or chemical imbalance? I wonder if Dr. Dodman’s good ol’ melatonin supplementation, or one of his antidepressants+behavior management programs would help Sandy’s situation?

  2. She left yesterday. I gave the rescue group as much info as I could about her behavior, and left it in their hands. I cried a little as she left, but soon after I felt like a weight really was lifted off my shoulders. When Hurley came home yesterday, it was awesome. Ever since then, he and Simon have been extra active with the playing and even some light grooming of one another (i caught them both licking one another at different occassions). Everyone’s happy again.

  3. The happy family is happy again! I am sorry you had to give Sandy back but this really is for the best and what everyone needs, including you! Interestingly, when I told B about you getting another dog his first response was “What about Hurley and Simon? They are so awesome, I hope they adjust okay.” I assured him Hurley and Simon would be because they ARE awesome. Funny how he seemed to know before anything became an issue. B was upset to hear about what happened because he loved the idea of you wanted to rescue another pup but couldn’t fathom anyone hurting Hurley and Simon. He likes them that much and he only knows them through me telling him your stories and the pictures you send us (BTW, still prominently displayed on our fridge!) This is all for the best and now Sandy will get the home she deserves.

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