Quick Sandy update…


I am keeping her sequestered away in my bedroom. Last night when I got home and let her out to go outside, she immediately went for Hurley again, doing that same thing: biting at his side and belly. I haven’t been able to have them together since.

It’s terribly sad but necessary. Hurley is terrified. This morning, even though he must have known Sandy was safe in my room, he refused to come out from under my desk…not even for a treat! And, surprisingly, Simon wouldn’t leave that room, either. Solidarity is so cute. They’re hanging out together constantly right now. I like to think Simon would jump in and back up Hurley, if he were a dog. That cat loves that dog.

The rescue group is telling me to talk to the behavior specialist, and I finally got her phone number this afternoon, so I will call tonight. I wonder if it’s even worth it for her to come out at this point: it’s becoming abundantly clear that Hurley is now traumatized and terrified of Sandy, and Sandy can’t seem to stop herself from jumping at the “weak” dog.

I just don’t see how this could be salvageable. I think I need to just get them to bring her back to her foster’s house… after all, the foster has already agreed to take her back if it comes to that. (One of the rescue people already got in touch with him yesterday regarding this situation.)

So sad. I wanted so much to give a home to a senior dog. But it appears that we are not the right home for her, and vice versa. I know it shouldn’t feel like a personal failure, but it kind of does.


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  1. you need to do what’s best for you, Hurley and Simon. You have nothing to feel guilty about. you’ve tried your best, it just might not be meant to be.

  2. Sorry I’m late to this post, but I don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. You can’t help it that she isn’t the dog you thought she was. Obviously somebody mislead you (or the rescue) or failed to provide you both with her entire history.

    You shouldn’t feel bad about things you cannot control.

  3. You have not failed. You need to do what is best for you, Hurley, Simon and Sandy. And her being a part of your family is not working out.

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